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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

R-Type is easily one of the most influential video games to ever come from the young medium. Often imitated and ever so rarely bettered, the game has wowed and frustrated in equal abandon for almost 30 years now.

Now thanks to the skill of the MightyOtaKing himself, Paul Johnson, the legendary game has been homaged in a flurry of furiously badass clips that the artist thankfully posted on Twitter a little while back, and Kotaku picked up on (thanks, guys!)

Like your favorite 80s, Saturday morning cartoon or an anime from the same era, the animations are utterly, utterly incredible and will douse your senses in the sweet nectar of nostalgia.

Check them out:

If you're wondering "where do I remember Johnson's name from," he's the same guy that created that incredible TIE Fighter animation, which he dedicated 4 years of his life to.

Here it is for your eyes:

What did you make of these?

Head over to Johnson's YouTube and DeviantArt for more peeks at his incredible work.

(Sources: Kotaku, OtaKing77077/YouTube, World of Longplays/YouTube)


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