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Hi, everyone there. I am Vidushi Sanjanwala from India and I have done a great research on this topic of ghost events and found some events that can be written as stories, so I have written one of the stories below because it seemed really interesting.

1) Nightstay at 13 all

We all know that 13 is considered unlucky by some of the people. But this incident will make you too consider 13 as unlucky.

A girl of 13 named Martia had invited few of her friends at her grand-parents' old apartment. The grand-parents had left the apartment a few years before their death and Martia's own house was too small for a nightstay after an awesome party. It was all girls' so she had cleaned the rooms and entire apartment. When her friends were at the door, one of them, Anna just ran away saying that she had a feeling of something bad there and everything was 13.Everyone walked in, danced, had a great gossip, watched movies and finally it was time for them to have a little talk and go to sleep.

Martia: I feel bad for Anna cause she couldn't enjoy with us. Why did she leave?

Her friend Nina: She is so superstitious that she felt some bad signs and said everything was 13 so she went away. I too get 13 unlucky sometimes but I can't miss the awesome party for my thoughts.

Her other friend Lyra: Let us say all the things that are 13. Okay, the year is 20(13).

Martia: The date is 13, and so is the 13th floor of the building.

Nina: The month is surely not 13th but my digital watch is gonna show the time 13 in next single minute and we are all 12 people of the age 13.

After 1 minute, the wall clock in the house fell down and the TV got on by itself. They all felt in the middle of a horror movie. The TV switch was off but it was their favourite show being displayed. “I love the actor playing the lead.” “The actress is too hot for him”

Then, the TV displayed all the things that were not a part of the show. There was a beautiful young lady saying things like: You said we were 12, we are actually 13 of us. Martia, dear your grandparents moved because I chased them for help. There was no way they could help me so they became coward. You are innocent enough to be brave. All you girls, I suggest you to know how I died. I was a worshipper of Satan and he came a 100 years ago at the same time and killed me. If you help me, it will be for good and not bad. One of you has to die, let us play a game and decide it.”

Everyone was freaked out but Martia told that lady to let her friends go as they had no fault and she appointed herself. Everyone went away and tried to seek help for Martia. Martia cried out loud but if one of them would be killed, Martia would feel a guilt of arranging a party at a place she did not know much about. There Anna, being the one who knew everything about it ran into the apartment with the bible as a lady had taught her in a dream as a simple emergency exorcism to keep the evil away for a short time. She tried to perform the exorcism before Martia was completely possesed. The lady had started penetrating inside Martia but the woman started bleeding as the exorcism went on. Anna was just shocked as it didn't work for her like it worked for the lady who taught her in dream. The ghost would just blow away inside the object she used to shiw herself. Then, Anna started losing her eyesight. There she remembered the warnings the lady told her, such circumstances told her that it was Satan himself. A weak part of his soul needed to get inside an alive human to get stronger. Anna felt foolish to believe the lady that came in just a dream but a part of Satan just got inside Martia and trapped Anna in the building till she died of suffocation and left her body to decay in there forever. Some people who were not so close to Martia were completely unknown to such facts and Satan communicated then using social networking sites as Martia and she has also been sited in the TV screens of those people.

This tale came to be known as her Lyra and Nina tried to investigate with the help of some professionals. You may think it is made up as there are certain unbelievable things Anna appointing herself relying on a dream and Satan leaving everyone else alive.

The actual incidents are still unknown as no one actually saw it and please do not comment if I had said anything that cannot be true because I dunno know much about the rules of exorcism and Satan as I am not his follower.

Keep Safe And Be Alive Always!


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