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I was not going to post a reaction to the Walking Dead season 6 finale out of protest. It was terrible, dragged out, and left us with a "cliff hanger" that was more a giant middle finger to the audience. If you have seen the finale, you probably agree. If you happen to watch Arrow over on CW then you will be pleased to know that it is possible to have a meaningful death of TV that sticks.

Do not read any further if you have not seen the April 6 Episode of Arrow titled Eleven-Fifty-Nine. Because... well... spoilers dummy.

Last night's arrow actually made me cry. I predicted who was in the grave a week ago, but it still got to me. Here is the article as proof I totally called it.

Even though I saw it coming. Laurel's final few episodes finally gave us the Canary we had been hoping for since learning in season on her name was Dinah Laurel Lance. Laurel's character had a weird arc through out the series and last night made me forgive the writer's for messing up Black Canary.

Dinah Laurel Lance
Dinah Laurel Lance

If you are reading this and didn't watch, let me catch you up. Laurel got offered the DA position from the new mayor, Mrs. Darhk. She knew taking the job would mean giving up her mask. Oliver tells her in a very touching scene that "there are enough masks in Star City, it needs a hero without one." Laurel as DA could keep an eye on what the Darhk's have planned for the city and be the hero to stop it as DA, not BC. Malcom steals back the idol to give Darhk back his powers, Andy Diggle is still evil, and Darhk makes good on his promise to Lance about his daughters. Darhk stabbed Canary with an arrow. She makes it out surgery but an embolism sends her into cardiac rest and she's gone. Right in front of team arrow. Gone.

Before the embolism struck, we were blessed with one of the best scenes Arrow has every done. Team arrow is gathered around her hospital bed saying they love her in a very awesome "farewell moment". They leave and all that remains is Oliver. Laurel asks him to get some rest. His reply "Not going to happen." He is going to stay by the side of his childhood friend. She asks him to get something from her outfit and it turns out to be the picture of her that he had clung to on the island. This makes Oliver break down in tears! I KNOW!! I HAD THE FEELS TOO!! He asks why. She tells him that it reminds her of a simpler time for everyone. She is happy he found Felicity and accepts her own fate of not being the love of his life. She informs Oliver that he will always be the love of hers.. MORE FEELS! It was a great moment. She asks him a favor and then next thing we know... She's seizing and gone. There is a lot to speculate there. That is a whole other article.

A Simpler Time
A Simpler Time

This death was meaningful and hopefully it sticks on a show that has brought Laurel's sister back from death 4 times, Roy Harper back once, Malcom Merlyn back once, Thea back, the list goes on. There was something different about this one. It wasn't rushed, it was a great sendoff for the actress who had been a staple in the show since day 1. It was a tough pill to swallow for a character I hated last season. They redeemed her and sent her off on a good note. She will return on Earth-2 in the Flash and it would be cool to see her on Legends of Tomorrow (they can go back in time, grab her, then return her at the same point so she still dies). The Canary will live on, but Laurel as ADA Lance on Arrow is over. I hope to see a rampaging Oliver in a few weeks take out every last bit of HIVE. Diggle is clearly pushed over the edge since trusting his brother led to Laurel's death.

This is the point in every Arrow season where the switch gets flipped and the last episodes are fast past, plot finishing, and twist filled. Buckle up, because the next month is going to be awesome! Thank Arrow for giving us the death in a satisfying send off to a loved character. Yes you dragged it out over a season with a flash forward, but delivered. The Walking Dead screwed us out of that and decided it to drag it out over 1+ seasons essentially. Arrow lived up to the hype and TWD didn't. Feel free to post your thoughts below.


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