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Personally I feel Batman v Superman was a good film, Ben Affleck was great as Batman and Gal Gadot was amazing as Wonder Woman but the introduction of the Justice Leaugue members and Jesse Eisenbergs performance were beyond dissapointing. It does benefit from a darker tone but in some scenes it just felt too much. The film had a lot of potential and it does show but it does fall flat in some aspects compared to previous DC films such as the Dark knight and even some marvel films but then again it's definitely not one of the worst DC films. Without further ado here is how I would fix Batman v Superman.

First Act:

The film opens with a flashback off the destruction of Metropolis. Superman (Henry Caville) is a very controversial figure but still the hero of Metropolis. Lex Luthor has promised to help rebuild Metropolis and is a hero in the public eye. Batman/Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) is investigating Lex Luthor as he believes he isn't the man people believe. As Clark Kent, Superman is now living with Lois Lane (Amy Adams) who are both working at the Daily Planet. The following week in Metropolis, a big Football game is taking place between Gotham and Metropolis. Bruce Wayne believes the game is being used as a cover for a mysterious shipments to LexCorp. Perry White (Laurence Fishburne) tells Clark he wants him to report on the big game that night. Lois is tipped off by one of her sources about a shipment being delivered in Car park near to the stadium. During the game Clark and Jimmy Olsen are reporting on the match meanwhile Lois has tracked the Shipment to the car park where she watches Batman takeout some of Lex's men and pursue the Truck in the batmobile through the building. Clark is searching for Lois but can't find her, he asks Jimmy who tells Clark she told him where she had gone. Clark flies off as Superman to the Car Park where he stops the car chase and rescues Lois. Superman flies Batman to the top of the Daily Planet building where he warns him not to return to Metropolis.

Second Act:

Batman returns to the bat cave where he shows Alfred the Kryptonite that he recovered from the Truck and asks him to analyse it. Batman tells Alfred that Superman is a threat to humanity that needs to be stopped. Clark returns to his apartment where he questions Lois' desicion to follow the Shipment without letting him know but Lois tells him it wasn't his desicion. Mercy Graves delivers the remaining Kryptonite to Lex at LexCorp where she explains the incident with Batman and Superman, he reveals it was all part of his plan and begins studying the Kryptonite. Lex announces a party at LexCorp tower, Bruce Wayne is invited and plans to investigate Lex's work. Clark is also assigned as a press reporter at the event where he plans to learn the true identity of the Bat. At the party Clark meets Wayne which adds to his suspicion that he is the Bat. Lex explains that he believes Metropolis is the greatest city in America and wishes to restore its greatness. Bruce sneaks off to the Labs floor of the tower as he is followed by Graves. Bruce enters the lab and learns of the effect Kryptonite has on Kryptonians. Graves watches this. When Bruce returns to the party Clark asks Bruce about his opinion on the Batman, Clark immediately recognises him and realises that Bruce Wayne is Batman. Clark begins to learn all about Bruce Wayne and his parents death. Clark travels to his home in Smallville where he asks his mother for advice she tells him he must do what he believes is right. Clark sends Wayne a message challenging him to a fight in the alley in which Bruce's parents were killed. Superman arrives that night and punches Batman through a building, Batman attacks Superman back with his Kryptonite weapons. They continue fighting until they reach the spot where Bruce's parents were shot. Bruce shoots Superman with a Kryptonite bullet which he catches Weakening him until he can't walk. Batman begins beating him until Superman passes out. Bruce flees and Superman flies off, later Lois finds him.

Third Act:

Later Bruce has a vision about a man who reveals himself to be the Flash a Meta-human warning Bruce that he needs to work with Superman to save Humanity. When Bruce awakes he receives a message from Diana Prince warning him that Luthor has developed a weapon capable of levelling both Metropolis and Gotham. Wonder Woman travels to LexCorp where she is confronted by Graves who attempts to stop her but Wonder Woman chops one of her arms off with her sword. Bruce finds Clark and tells him of his vision of the Flash and the two agree to put aside their differences to work together to stop Lex. Superman arrives at LexCorp and attempts to convince Lex not to unleash his weapon. Lex tells Superman of his hatred for him after the battle of Metropolis destroyed his Fortune and work and left him Bald in an acid spillage. Lex explains that Doomsday was created out of the body of Zod and cannot be destroyed. Doomsday jumps out and attacks Superman, Superman leads Doomsday away from populated areas. Batman uses his Kryptonite weapons on Doomsday the bullets effect him but don't stop him. Superman collects Batmans Kryptonite spear and uses it to stab Doomsday killing it but Superman is killed in the process. Lex is arrested during the aftermath. Metropolis is once again divided by Supermans death as some are glad whilst others mourn. Lois goes to Smallville for Clarks funeral and Diana Prince meets Bruce Wayne who tells her about his vision and hands her a portfolio of Meta-humans Lex had been studying. The films close with Lex Luthor being locked away in a Prison cell.

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