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New Battlefield 5 rumours are beginning to surface as apparent plot details and Alpha screen shots are supposedly leaked.

Sources are now claiming that Battlefield 5 will not be based back in WW1 as previously suspected, oh no, this new information suggests quite the opposite.

The industry source that supplied YouTuber IceManAuz with this latest dollop of speculation is claiming that the next instalment in the Battlefield series will be held in the near future and will focus on a female protagonist. The storyline will follow the progression of some sort of military coup which will take part mostly in Northern America.

Battlefield 5 multiplayer

In regards to the multiplayer aspect, the source states that the new weather system is set to be one of the new titles biggest selling points. Battlefield 5 takes its revolutionary ‘levolution’ mechanic and takes it even further. The new maps will introduce a new environment dynamic that will see players having to fight through tornados, floods, blizzards, earthquakes, and more.

"This games weather system will be a big selling point. tornados, blizzards, thunderstorms etc"

It was also reported that these maps will be subject to a rolling day and night cycle. Gameplay tactics and player loadouts will now have to cater to many other outside factors.

The class system will return but this time, players will be able to choose from five class types and have the choice to play as either a man or woman. An extra class – what could that be?

"Multiplayer will have 5 classes and each class can be played as either man or woman"

Reveal date - June 13 -14?

The game will not be revealed at E3 this year; instead, it will be revealed at EA Play in June. This is nothing particularly ground breaking as EA have recently stated that all future EA titles will no longer be revealed at E3 opting to reveal future IP via their own medium. So, June 13 -14 could see the official date of reveal.

What is interesting though is that the source goes on to state that a beta phase will follow shortly after the reveal in June. The beta phase usually comes much later on in the year. Any thoughts?

"The game will be revealed at ea play in June. Once the game is revealed a beta will be available."

We have also been shown some new screen shots of some of the apparent landscapes that will feature in Battlefield 5. Three locations in which some of the gameplay will apparently take place are Kansas, California and Alaska.

The images look fairly detailed but do not reflect the clarity one would expect to see the next Battlefield game. The source goes on to detail that the images are plucked out of the Alpha set, so there is still plenty of rendering still to be added.

It is worth noting that this is in no way confirmed, take as much salt as you want from the article however according to IceManAus the legitimacy of the images is looking pretty strong.

They are entirely original, by that I mean that, they do not exist anywhere else on the internet, meaning if they were fake the source has done a very good job at covering their tracks.

More leaks, more rumours. This new set, however, seems to carry more weight than any previous rumour. The theme is more consistent with the franchise as well as containing what I would call 'natural IP progression'. If these rumours do turn out to be true then it looks like we are set to see one of the most immersive Battlefield experiences yet.

What are your thoughts? Is this what you wanted from the next Battlefield game?

Source: IceManAuz


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