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Last weekend Hero Conventions took place for the third year running in Edinburgh, featuring a whole lot of great guests who told all sorts of fascinating tales. One of the best panels from the weekend was the Game of Thrones-centric panel, where Ian Hanmore (Pyat Pree), Kerry Ingram (Princess Shireen Baratheon) and Miltos Yerolemou (Syrio Forel) told their stories about being a part of the HBO juggernaut. Unfortunately, we didn't get any news about the upcoming season because, well, they're all dead. But we'll get to that in a bit.

Ian Hanmore Didn't Originally Audition For Pyat Pree

No, in fact as Hanmore tells it, his agent originally got him an audition for the role of Craster, a wildling who lives north of the Wall. It's difficult to imagine a desert dweller like Pyat Pree up there in the cold!

He Also Never Met George R.R. Martin

"I was over four times to Belfast, and every time I went they said: 'Oh you just missed George, he was here last week, he's such a lovely man.' But I never got to meet him."

Hanmore even suspects there might have been a conspiracy to keep Martin away from him!

Miltos Yerolemou On The 'Game Of Thrones' Belfast Sets

"Yes, all my work on the first season was there. But it was amazing! I mean, I've never worked on a sound stage like that where it's like a labyrinth. In the first season it was split up into four, so in one corner it would be the Wall, and in another King's Landing and in another the throne room.

"It was really impressive and it's all contained in one building, so you can go from one part of Westeros to another in a few steps."

Kerry Ingram On First Hearing About The Show

You might think that Ingram, who was 12 when she first got the role of Shireen Baratheon, wouldn't have much experienced before Game of Thrones. But you'd be wrong:

"Yeah, it was [my first experience on TV.] I started on stage. I did the RS [Royal Shakespeare] season tour of musicals. Yeah, so I did that for two years and then I actually had the audition for 'Game of Thrones' the day after I finished the show. It was the evening of the Olivier Awards, and me and the other girls had won an Olivier the night before so we were walking around London at four in the morning with no shoes on after this afterparty thing, 12 years old, and I had this audition the next morning."

Miltos Yerolemou On His 'Death' In The Show

One of the most interesting parts of the panel, Yerolemou was asked whether his character is dead on the show:

"They say spoilers but — I don't know. There is no doubt about it, they made prosthetics of those people's heads and I didn't get one. I literally insisted on it, I said: 'Sean [Bean's] got one, where's mine?' And they said: 'You haven't got one.' And I said: 'Why?' And they said: 'Because you don't have one.'

"And I went to George [R.R. Martin], because he wrote that episode and I asked him: 'Why can't you get them to do that and do the definitive thing and make sure it's not ambiguous?' And he said: 'I want it to be ambiguous.'"

Ingram On Her First Scene In The show

"My first ever day on set I was filming my first ever scene with Stephen [Dillane] and I had a broken foot while filming so I had a boot on underneath my costume. It was kind of hidden, and I took it off before each take. So it was the first scene I ever shot, and I was so nervous, and as I'm running towards him my foot gave way, and I face-planted into Stephen, and I've never been so mortified in my entire life."

Yerolemou On His Most Difficult Scene

"The only pressure was in doing this three-and-a-half-minute scene, where you're doing most of the talking and trying to act like a person who was born with a sword in their hand.

"And up until that point, me and Maisie [Williams] had been told it's alright, it's a three-and-a-half-minute scene, got to remember the choreography as well as the lines, and that's quite hard 'cause we'd only had two days together. And the stunt co-ordinator said: 'Don't worry, when we shoot it they're going to shoot it in bits.' So we went: 'OK, that's going to be easier.' And then we got in and of course the director said: 'So we're gonna do this in one take.' And I just looked at Maisie and was like — oh. And we ended up spending about two days shooting that scene."

Ingram On Her Death Scene

One of the most infamous scenes in Season 5 was when Ingram's character Shireen was burnt alive. It caused a lot of fan uproar, and Ingram had even joked on Twitter about it after the episode aired, posting a picture on Twitter of her seemingly in flames, along with the caption: "Ffs not again..."

"Well I wasn't actually told until about two weeks beforehand. I mean, I was told my character wasn't exactly going to make it, but I wasn't told how or when. So I filmed all of my stuff for Season 5 until that bit, and then I got a call explaining how it was gonna happen. And I was more excited than anything else, because I always said that with this show I either wanted to sit on the throne or have a really awesome death and I got one of those."

And that was that! A fantastic panel in a fantastic weekend, and there's more to come from Edinburgh Comic Con, including the Star Wars panel and a chat with Cas Anvar from The Expanse. Drop a follow to be one of the first to read those!

What are you excited to see in the next season of 'Game of Thrones'?


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