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After many months of waiting, the first teaser trailer for 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' finally hit the web! Now after watching the trailer multiple time, here are a few things that definitely caught my eye.

1.Who is Jyn Erso?

Judging by the fact that she was brought into the base in handcuffs, it's safe to say that the new girl did something that ticked off the Rebellion. The way the story seems to go, judging by the teaser, is that because of her reckless and aggressive behavior, she has to do this mission or face the consequences of her (supposedly) previous actions. Hopefully the movie gives a more interesting and more detailed look into her backstory when it arrives.

2. Who is the droid?

It seems our heroes may have sneaked aboard the Death Star and stolen the plans successfully.

But, they just might have alerted every single Stromtrooper in the space station.


But what caught I was more curious about was the droid that accompanies Jyn. It's faster and skinnier than C-3PO, and it never leave Jyn's side, maybe she saved him from being scrap, or maybe it was her parents' droid. Whatever the case is, I'm interested in finding out the answer.

3.What are these new Stormtroopers?

There's a new type of Imperial soldiers in this one people! A combination of dark silver and black, these guys are going to be causing some serious trouble. What are they called? We'll find out in December.

4. Who are these characters?

Some of the characters that stuck out were the ones that were rebelling against the Empire without donning any of the uniforms. Forest Whitaker makes an impressive appearance while giving out a warning to Jyn.

The next guy looks like he's a gunner of some sort, the camera is focused on him so he must be important to the story.

And finally, we see this guy kicking some serious tail.

It will be interesting to see how all these characters connect to the story, not just for 'Rogue One' but for the 'Star Wars' universe as a whole.

5. What happened to the original base?

Seeing the AT-AT and Mon Mothma walk past the dead bodies, it looks like the rebels were attacked, this could have been the event that made them leave for Yavin 4. Although, since this base is supposed to be well hidden, it means somebody betrayed them, the question is who.

6. If this isn't Darth Vader, who is it?

I hate to be a bummer, but that's not Darth Vader. The presence of Emperor guards the brightly lit room, and the fact that the fallen Skywalker doesn't have a hood. Also, in the original trilogy Vader would talk to the Emperor in a dark room by himself. Maybe this guy IS a Sith Lord, one that remained in hiding until the fall of the Republic. Whoever he is, the Rebellion is going to have one heck of a bad guy to deal with.

It's awesome to have our first look at this anthology film, and I can't wait for the next trailer to drop! As long as it doesn't have too many spoilers.

"What will you do when they catch you? What will you do if they break you? If you continue to fight...what will you become?"

'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' blasts into theaters December 16!


What did you like most from the trailer?


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