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With less than two months to go until the release of the eagerly anticipated X-Men: Apocalypse, the hints about the plot of this movie have been coming thick and fast. In their latest issue, Empire did a full write-up on Apocalypse, giving us an excellent insight into the film, as well as a glimpse into the terrifying mind of X-Men's Apocalypse.

Along with a plethora of clues about the plot of the movie, Empire shed some light on a scene which has perplexed fans since the first trailer was released, where paraplegic Charles Xavier faces Apocalypse, standing on his own two feet. They also revealed some details about the epic final battle in X-Men: Apocalypse, which we caught snippets of in the latest trailer.

So how close does the world actually come to armegeddon in X-Men: Apocalypse? As it turns out, pretty close.

Extinction Level Events & Psychic Battles

Every superhero movie needs high stakes, so that our heroes can save the day (and the world) and earn their super titles. And yet, the X-Men films have always been somewhat deeper than that. Sure, there's problems to solve, but what drives the story is the characters and their struggle to be accepted.

In X-Men: Apocalypse, however, the stakes are astronomically high, as the eponymous villain really does want to wipe out humanity and start anew.

"We've never done one of these movies where the threat from the villain is global and extinction-level. For the first time it is. If you have a movie about a character called Apocalypse, you have to embrace that it could actually be the apocalypse."

So Simon Kinberg, producer and writer of Apocalypse, explained to Empire, and honestly this makes a lot of sense in the context of the character.

Apocalypse threatens Mystique.
Apocalypse threatens Mystique.

Apocalypse is one of Marvel's most fascinating and terrifying villains, and his incarnation in the upcoming movie is sure to do the character justice. We're particularly excited for the psychic battle between Apocalypse and Xavier, which is of course why Charles is liberated from the wheelchair in the trailers.

Empire calls this battle "show-stopping", describing how Charles leaps into the action with gusto, delivering "roundhouse kicks". Which is pretty awesome, or at least James McAvoy thinks so.

"I got to beat the shit out of Apocalypse the other day! Charles gets pretty violent on his ass. And Apocalypse tries to do something to me that's pretty fucking brutal."
Charles tries to land a punch in the psychic battle
Charles tries to land a punch in the psychic battle

But this conflict, as visually stunning as it sounds, will probably pale in comparison to the final showdown.

Battle Royale: The Epic Climax

No superhero flick is complete without the giant, city-razing final boss fight. And X-Men: Apocalypse is ready to take on even the most explosive of battles in their climactic conflict. This thanks in large part to the powers of Apocalypse himself which are, as we should expect, sufficiently godlike.

Oscar Isaac's villian is as godlike as we'd hoped.
Oscar Isaac's villian is as godlike as we'd hoped.

As we caught a glimpse of in the trailer, it's Apocalypse's ability to manipulate the very molecules of matter that make him such a daunting villain. In addition to his technopathy, mind-control, teleportation, and a plethora of other powers, of course. Bryan Singer described the final showdown, hinting at a war of international proportions.

"The end becomes an all-out battle with a force that's very formidable. He's a hard man to break. Apocalypse creates a giant global problem, and has to be dealt with on a global level."
Apocalypse wages war on humanity.
Apocalypse wages war on humanity.

This would presumably be the extinction-level event that Singer teased. We can just guess at what Apocalypse is planning, but it probably has something to do with his vision to destroy our world and "build a better one."

It's safe to say that Oscar Isaac's villain is the most powerful and menacing the X-Men have faced yet, and we can only hope they're up to the task of averting the apocalypse. (They probably are. They're superheroes, after all.)

Source: Empire Magazine (print edition)


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