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illustrations, sculpture, forests and witch costumes. @batlecter
Magdalena Batlecter

I love sculpting, if not clay, I use papier mache. So here I have wig and these are first horns, in fact first horned crown i made for a movie I am preparing and for which I have to wait for autumn to have a proper atmosphere. In my first post I was talking about home forest. Drawing is showing a cave and a lake coming out of it. It is a lake hidden in forest where it can be dangerous to go to, as my grandmother would say that boars come to drink there, but for my entire childhood I visited it almost every day. There are many myths related to the lake, but I might leave it for some other time. However, unexplored cave always made me think, even as a little child, that witches, fairies and werewolves might live in there. Perhaps one month ago I decided to make a movie about that place, legends that it gave birth to and show the beauty of nature which lays there, so I started making two pairs of horns and two crowns for four fairies and costume for the Grey Witch.


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