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Meet Miss Bunz, she's a real-life bunny cop. I assure you that this is the cutest thing you'll see all day. You're welcome in advance internet.

This is Miss Bunz, a former shelter rabbit, who now lives a happy free-range life, rocks a "Police" vest, and is an advocate for . This is a movement to adopt all animals from animal shelters rather than pet shops.

Here's Miss Bunz on her first day on the job:

Just like Judy, she wasn't too thrilled about her bright-colored vest either.

Miss Bunz has her own community Facebook page filled with daily updates, pictures, and pun-tastic memes. It's also filled with a community full of rabbit owners that share pictures of their little furry ones.

I mean, come on. How cute is this?!
I mean, come on. How cute is this?!

Miss Bunz has been blowing up the internet with her adorable pictures, while also raising awareness for the movement. A true (and adorable) hero, just like Zootopia's very own Judy Hopps!

You can hop over to Miss Bunz Facebook page here:

She's also got her own website, click here to see even more!

'Zootopia' is playing in theatres everywhere!


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