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"Supergirl" is a TV show that is currently airing on CBS on Mondays. The series was officially picked up on May 6, 2015, after receiving a series commitment in September 2014, and premiered on October 26, 2015. The pilot had 12.96 million viewers, which is still pretty good for a first episode of a brand new series ( To compare, CW's The Flash's pilot had 4.80 million viewers and Arrow's pilot had 4.14 million viewers). But yet, the amount of viewers of The Flash and Arrow kept increasing, whereas Supergirl lost almost half of it's viewers on the second episode. The question for the controversial series remains: Is it a good show or not?

The series are about Kara Zor-El from Krypton, and how she struggles to fit in as a real human being on Earth, as Kara Danvers. She was sent to Earth to protect his cousin, Kal-El, who will later become one of the most popular superheroes ever, Superman. She was sent to Earth the same way his cousin was sent, by a space pod. But unlike Kal-El's pod, her pod couldn't make it to Earth because it got knocked out of course, and by the time she got to Earth her cousin had already grown up and become Superman.

Acknowledging that Kal-El no longer requires her protection, Kara decides to hide her powers and fit in as a real human being. She got adopted by the Danvers family. She lives with her adoptive parents, Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers. She also has an adoptive sister named Alex Danvers. She was told by her father to not to use her powers and try to be a hero, but be like a real human instead. Her adoptive father dies on a mission to hunt down an alien, with the secret alien hunting service DEO, which is the secret community that the Danvers sisters will both work with later on. When Jeremiah dies, the alien tries to save him and when he realizes that he can't, he makes a promise to keep her daughter safe; always. And then he shape- shifts into DEO's leader's shape and takes control of DEO, while protecting the Danvers sisters from anyone that means to cause any harm to them.

It has a good plot- the story itself is well-built and not complicated. The show is supposed to be a live-action Superhero show, yet most of all we got so far are high school love drama and emotional -yet dull- moments from season one. We expect more action-packed scenes and REAL villains for season two.

The show actually contains too much love drama. You may think, "What the hell, no. It barely even has two characters dating each other. It's okay to have some emotion within the series." Yeah, some. But it's not okay how the series is being based on Kara 's Jimmy Olsen chase and Winn's rejected love and Cat Grant's son's breakup drama with Kara and Winn's strange relationship with Siobhan Smythe and Lucy Lane's complicated relationship with Jimmy Olsen and it goes on like that. Of course it can and it should include those emotions. It would be even worse otherwise. But, for instance, CW's The Flash, contains a lot of love drama too but the way it is spread throughout episodes is great, not too much and not too less. Wish Supergirl could learn some from The Flash then.

The series was supposed to be action-packed, right? From what I've expected from the trailers and critics, I thought it would be so exciting and action packed. But we barely even get real fights, do we even call them fights? Even the crossover episode with The Flash couldn't help get more action and hype to the series.

Most people complain about how it's overly girly, which I'll have to disagree with though, it has had a few moments that has been girlish for a superhero show but it's obviously not overly girly.

And another point is that some people think it's just a rip-off of Clark Kent/Superman's life. The whole works at a newspaper / magazine company thing, glasses thing, pod thing, how %80 of her affiliates are also affiliated with Superman, and the whole thing actually. It just seems a little likely it does'n it? Knowing that even the creators of the character Supergirl itself has been more than inspired by Superman creating her. One even said that they just turned Superman into a girl and made her blonde. Well...

It makes me sad how Supergirl couldn't reach it's full potential. I hope they make it better on season two. (If there will be one?) While it could have been one of the greatest superhero shows out there, it's of the superhero shows out there. Let's hope it gets better. With a little development and improvements in the characters, I think it will be a good show. It just isn't right now. Yet.


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