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Many people might think that Ben Affleck's Batman costume from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was all CGI, but this photo proves otherwise:

Photo courtesy of Clay Enos.
Photo courtesy of Clay Enos.

Photographer Clay Enos, who worked with director Zack Snyder on Dawn of Justice, sat with Playboy and shared behind-the-scenes images from the set. Enos was asked who was easiest to photograph and he only had positive statements to make about each actor:

"It’s hard to say. Gal [Gadot] is so beautiful and strong and awesome. She’s a ton of fun and she’s new to the genre of superhero films. But then Henry [Cavill] is the spitting image of the Superman that you have in your head. It’s crazy. When he’s got his cape on and he’s in full costume, you’re shooting Superman. The only other male icon that’s in your head for your whole life is Santa Claus. And then Batman is a giant, hulking awesomeness of dark who presents challenges because his costume is dark. He’s also so awesome that you let it go. On some level it’s just a chin for Ben as Batman. But what a chin it is."

Enos was also asked about his working relationship with Snyder, who he has known for a very long time:

"There’s nobody like Zack Snyder. He is so effervescent and talented, and he inspires everyone who works around him to do their best. I’ve just been trying to do that, and he recognizes and appreciates it. It’s family at this point. Hollywood is a fickle friend, so I won’t presume to always work for him, but wouldn’t that be great if I could? I work my ass off just like he does. We love what we’re doing. I’ve come around to it a little slower. He’s always known what he wanted to do before college. I had no idea what set photography was, and after Watchmen I thought, 'Man, I’ll never do that again.' But sure enough, I figured it out a little better and now I’ve got it down to where I am not killing myself every day to get the job done."

I hope Enos reveals a ton more behind-the-scenes photos from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set. I'd love to see a few of Gadot in action as the powerful and badass Wonder Woman.

[Source: Playboy]


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