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Last year, Taron Egerton was knighted (not literally, no matter how far I pushed my petition) as one of the surprising stars of 2015 in Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman: Secret Service. The one other talent in the film that may well have stolen the show from him of course, was scotch swigging, umbrella wielding assassin, Harry Hart played by Colin Firth. Now unfortunately, seeing as Kingsman wasn't one of *those* kinds of spy movies, we were left with a hole in our Hart after he left that wreck of a Church never to be seen again, or so we thought.

Teased none other than by Egerton himself, there is still a glimmer of hope that Harry Hart will return, regardless of having taking a bullet to the cranium in the last adventure.

Those specs look familiar? They should do, as they belong to our 'old friend', Harry Hart.

Proving that no comic book hero, whether he wear a cape, a costume, or a tailor-made suit can truly be dead. The brand new poster for Kingsman: The Golden Circle suggests that our favourite mentor and greatest line of defence is coming back for seconds, but in what capacity exactly?

What we know so far is that Eggsy - now a full-blown member of the Kingsman, will be joining forces with his American counterparts, known as The Statesman (genius) in an effort to stop a new global threat. Backing the team on the other side of the Atlantic is Jack, a character pegged as being a 'sharp-shooting cowboy' and leader of the pack. He's going to be joined by Ginger, who'll be played by Halle Berry. Rather than a tailors, the cover of choice for The Statesman base is a Whiskey distillery, pictured below.

Eggsy's home away from home.
Eggsy's home away from home.

Chances are that this will be the base of operations for Eggsy (and Harry, perhaps?) when they have to take on the sequels villain played by Julianne Moore who has her own pad known as Poppy Land. Doesn't look the nicest spot to be situated in, to be honest.

It's called Poppyland - how bad can it be?
It's called Poppyland - how bad can it be?

Where does that leave Harry, though? Having met an abrupt end at point blank range, how on earth could he be up an about causing chaos and shattered ribs like he used to? Will Eggsy have to go on a covert mission in order to bring him back? Or will Julianne Moore's dastardly dame have some part in reviving our fallen hero? Will he even be on our side at all? So many questions?! Not enough answers!

Still, with these concept designs and the brand new poster highlighting Harry's return, the excitement bar is rising for Kingsman: The Golden Circle. It'll be great to see Eggsy, Merlin and Sir Gallahad (whatever state he'll be in) when the film hits cinemas June 16, 2017. Are you as excited to enter the circle? Sound off in the comments below.


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