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Nathaniel Rego

Disney's announced various Disney projects each in the works. They include Dumbo (2018), Scar: King of the Pride Lands, Genie (2018), and Cruella DeVil.

Scar: King of the Pride Lands focuses on the evil lion Scar (Jason M) (Aquaman/Justice League Parts 1-2) and how he killed Mufasa leading to defeat by Simba. It's yet in current development.

Dumbo focuses on a big earred flying elephant supported by a mouse and a family of ravens in appeasing a corrupted ringmaster at his circus. It flies into theaters 2018.

Cruella DeVil serves as a live action prequel to the animated classic movie 101 Dalmatians in which Cruella (Ellen Page) tells its story in her prior Perspective. In theaters soon.

The Little Mermaid focuses on Ariel (Bella Thorne) who falls for a human Prince on the surface world and makes a dark deal with Ursula and her sister Morgana to win his heart. In theaters March 2018.

Genie is a reimagining of the Disney legend of Aladdin telling the story of the genie in his perspective. In theaters 2018.


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