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These days comic book superheroes cannot be escaped! They're a huge part of mainstream media like never before and nobody will say that it's necessarily a bad thing. But, with the good always comes the bad. All the people doing extraordinary feats on the big screen originated from the pages, but not everyone was destined to be great.

Here are some of the strangest superheroes ever created! Their powers are goofy, costumes hilarious and I'm sure some will be thankful that the likes of these never crawled out of their comics...


This Boar wonder made his first full appearance is in Spectacular Spider-Man vol. 1 Issue #13. By day Buford Hollis is but a truck driver from Arkansas but he becomes so much more...this man has the mutant ability to intuitively pilot, drive or operate virtually any vehicle or mode of transportation, even if he doesn't know how the vehicle operates. What!

By looking at the guy you can assume some things, like he's pretty shredded so he could superhuman strength? Perhaps due to his boar get-up maybe some advanced animalistic instincts or something? But no!

Im sure that power can have some benefits, we've all wanted to be able to drive at some point right? But why was it included, surely it would make more sense to purely have this character focus on vigilante justice due to his physique and probability to crack the skulls of many men. There more I think about this, the more I'm intrigued, to what degree of skill can he operate these vehicles, can he only operate a Prius but occasionally backs it up into lamp posts. And by definition he could be a skater as that is a mode of transportation, if he's good enough he could even go pro and leave the harsh world of crime fighting behind him.

This character is just bemusing, even the costume is just downright inappropriate, not the masturbating on an aeroplane type, but just incorrect. A boar pelt is just totally off the mark, perhaps a stuntman uniform or something to reflect his vehicle power? Thank the powers that be for him fading out of publication.


This next mutant made his debut in West Coast Avengers (Vol. 2) #46 (July 1989), Doorman is capable of teleporting someone anywhere, but with the limitation that it has to be in the next room and with his own body serving as a kind of portal/doorway!

This average youngster who is called David DeMarr decided to take up the role of fighting in tight spandex when Mr. Immortal sent out an advertisement for a hero team. David would have been way better off as a super villain! Imagine him busting into safes and secret locations with his power. But, he would need a partner that would have to awkwardly shimmy through his body to complete each job. I think 'Doorman & The Keyhole' has a nice ring to it, i would buy it.


This next Marvel mutant first appeared in Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #1 (2012), and this shining crusader has the ability to project solid gold balls of different sizes from any part of his body!

Now this one isn't actually too bad, its strange granted, but not that useless. I'm not sure if he can create actual gold, if that was the case he could just sell them, do a Bruce Wayne and build a brilliant life for himself. Another plus side being that I'm sure a solid gold projectile will be able to put most villains out of commission indefinitely.

The only real downside is that I'm sure he is definitely jealous of the mutants with more impressive powers and title, I don't think he will be pulling many women in the local bars by showing his balls. Also, did i mention that in order to activate his power he has to shout "Goldballs!"... oh dear, oh dear.

Color Kid

The extraterrestrial rocking the Bram Stoker era Dracula hairdo, came about in Adventure Comics #342 (March 1966). He has the earth shattering ability that enables him to change the colour of an object at will. That's it! dissemble the Justice League, get rid of The Avengers, because i know who i want safeguarding the planet!

It's just so strange and impractical, although he does form a part of The Legion of Substitute Heroes. Come on don't judge, full time work is hard to come by now, although I hear Color Kid is making a killing in the flavoured water industry.


Dogwelder is a member of Section 8, a "superhero" team and a supporting character in the comic book series "Hitman", first popping up in Issue 18. This silent and evidently dodgy individual terrifies and maims evildoers by welding dead dogs to them.

That's it. You think i'm gonna go on after that? This guy welds dogs (usually puppies) to people's faces. That's enough of the strange part of the internet for one day!


Okay, okay just one more! Making an appearance in DC's Secret Origins Vol. 2 #46, Arm-Fall-Off-Boy has the power to detach his own limbs, which he can then use as blunt weapons, preferably clubs.

This one is absolutely brilliant, downright one of the strangest superheroes to grace the pages. I wonder if Chewbacca helped him to achieve such a weird ability.

Which One Is the Weirdest?

I simply cannot decide all by myself! Although we love all of them for their diversity and obscurity, we must crown a crazy comics champion. Let me know in the poll which one YOU think is the weirdest!


Which Superhero is The Weirdest?


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