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Speaking of right off the bat I'll go ahead and say the end of the finale left me disappointed. There was so much build up to the end with Rick and crew running into blocked roads held by Saviors, the realization little by little that they're "neck deep in shit creek with our mouths open" as Abraham so eloquently puts it, and the heartfelt moments that as a viewer, placed a target on said characters like Maggie or Eugene. Then we get to the end where after so many commercials, after waiting a whole season, Negan and Lucille make their grand entrance. Jeffrey Dean Morgan makes an incredible Negan and made me feel guilty for being attracted to this crazy lunatic who's about to kill a beloved character. He finishes his sick game of eeny, meenie, miny, moe to select his victim and when the beating happens... it's all in first person so we can't see who it is. We hear faint screams, the sound of bone cracking, and very cartoonish blood trickle across the screen and the episode ends.

I went from anxiety to dumbfounded in a span of a few seconds. At least Game of Thrones has the guts to kill characters on screen but now we have to wait until October for something that has been building up this season and was supposed to be resolved this season. I get the purpose of cliffhangers to keep you at the edge of your seat and make sure you tune in to see what happens but this felt like an insult to viewers. We don't need a cliffhanger like that to keep us here. We're already fans of the show. Prolonging the "riots" that many memes promised will not do the show any service. We, as viewers, already knew someone was going to kick the bucket. We watched and waited to see who it was and the finale started and ended in the same place with nothing resolved.

To add salt to the wound, on Talking Dead, Executive Producer Scott M. Gimple "assured" the audience that we were not the ones getting beat by Negan. Didn't know viewers were that dense Mr. Gimple thanks for the assurance. Only good thing I will say is at least Carol is safe for now thanks to Morgan finally stepping up and Carl is safe too. And Rick too because plot armor.


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