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Just a question? Could she be the Chrome Trooper. First of all, we have no idea who the Chrome Trooper is right, still a mystery. So why leave that open for now and the end of the Force Awakens?

Now we have Rogue One, which goes back to the original 3 movies. I love the concept that the took the phrase that "Many Bothans died to bring us this information" and made a whole story out of this. Who were they, what did it take to get this information. (correction, no bothans died for this raid has been pointed out to me by a viewer better at Star Wars history than my self. However, even without this, I still think the theory may have some weight. Thank you Mark!!)

Well, what it could of took, is a double agent. All we know, and all we can speculate is on the last scene of the trailer with Jyn in an Imperial uniform. and like one commenter I saw, I have to agree, this better be an action figure, got it Hollywood!

What I love about the continued arc, and this going back, is that women are not victims in this, they are the hero's, they are the bad guys, they can be anything a man can be in this. So yes, she can turn, yes she could be a double agent. And give it 30 years in the story, she could be one of the leaders in the first order, the Chrome Trooper.

We do know this, Captain Phasma is a women. Ok, I agree, there might be some narrow mindedness in this on my part. It has to assume a couple things.

They want to connect this movie, not only to the original three. But to the new ones as well. Sure the connection to the arc is there already, but Captain Phasma came out of now where, we do not know who she is. And Hollywood loves easter eggs.

So yes, it is a hunch, one I kind of hope I am correct on. But then again, we have to wait to December so really see what her being in a black trooper tupper ware is really about, maybe that's just her disguise after all, the have to get the plans from the empire and looking like a rebel would just get you shot.

So we can postulate all day on these images, and of course we all will.


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