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In the recent years, we have had box office giants shut us up and taken our money. However, we've seen trailers that have spoiled some of the greatest moments that it's film had to offer. Let's take into consideration why the studios do this. They feel that the casual movie goer will over look their film and choose the "chick flick", the "romantic comedy", or the latest animated success. The only logical decision that these studios have is to show that attention getter, so people will generate buzz about the film.

Just last year, we had the latest Terminator movie hit theaters. While watching the film, I felt bored out of my mind because I already seen the scenes that were the most pivotal in the film thanks to the trailer. I loved the thought of seeing Old Arnold fighting Young Arnold, but it appeared to be filler to a confusing and boring plot.

This is what I've been saying about creating the buzz. When fans saw Old Arnold approach Young Arnold, we were flying out of our seats, and people wouldn't stop talking about it. It was like bread and butter, but we sadly got stale crackers with cheap peanut butter.

One of the biggest film of 2015 and of all time was Star Wars: the Force Awakens. The plots were epic, the characters relate-able, and the trailers happened to be the best trailers for a film. They did what a good trailer is suppose to do and that's to grab the audience and make them see the movie. When fans saw these trailers, they were asking so many questions. That is what a film should do with their trailers because it makes for a more enjoyable experience at the film. Deadpool, for example, had amusing trailers that created an enjoyable experience at the movies. I did feel, at the beginning, we saw a majority of scenes, but then I experienced the rest of the movie.

It's fine to do that, but we don't want the whole movie experience to be ruined. That is why I believe that Batman V Superman failed because they showed so much in their trailers that we had barely anything to be hyped for except we got to say "Hey I could have watched all the trailers and known a majority of the plot." However, the same studio is doing Suicide Squad, and its trailers have been great, but we still have to see the movie. The best part for me about it is we don't know who the villain is. Is it Joker, Enchantress, or someone we haven't seen yet?

I get that studios want to sucker us in with epic trailers that have big explosions and muscles, but do they have to ruin what movies are meant to be? Movies are meant to be an enjoyment and a moment of surprise and wonder which brings me to my last point: Captain America: Civil War. We need to give Marvel credit with every movie they do because their trailers only give us what we need to see the movie, and they still don't spoil the movie. There is so much in the film that hasn't been seen in credits and pictures that gives me a smile to my face. They know not to spoil that experience at the movies, and they definitely know how to do a good job with filming in general. When this film comes out, people need to be rushing to this film because it truly is a wonder to see and isn't like anything anyone has ever seen.

Let me know your thoughts on trailers! Do you think they show too much? What's your favorite movie trailer? Thank you so much for reading and please check out my work. I haven't done a lot, but I put my effort into my articles, and watch out for my next article coming in a couple of days.


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