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Spoiler Alert! If you haven't seen the new trailer for the new Star Wars 'Rogue One' movie coming out in December, turn back now! You may regret not doing it if you keep on reading. You've been warned.

Holy TIE Fighter you guys! The new Rogue One trailer just surfaced a couple hours ago and it looks amazing! From the Death Star scene, to Emperor Palpatine to little detail, I think I'm in love. We will cover it all; Here are some of the things that you might have missed in the new Star Wars 'Rogue One' trailer:

1: When it takes place.

This is prequel story about the original Rebels fighting the Empire. This also takes place when the the Death Star is in progress of being built. Mon Mothma tells what SEEMS to be the main protagonist, Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones), that Mon needs her help and that the "Major Weapons Test" is coming basically and they or going to have to be ready for it. What they do NOT know, is that sucker is thee "Death Star". So Jyn and the Rebels try to crack a plan to destroy it. Rogue One will focus on the stealing of the original Death Star plans. Therefore, it takes place chronologically after Episode III and just a little before Episode IV.

2: Mon Mothma.

Yes! The Leader of the Alliance to restore the Republic is back! We got a sneak peak at Mon Mothma quickly as she requests Jyns to help out the rebels with the plans take down the Empire. Entertainment Weekly has confirmed with Disney that actress Genevieve O'Reilly is playing Mon Mothma in "Rogue One," reprising her role she had in the deleted scene from "Revenge of the Sith." The resemblance is also unreal!

I thought it was CGI at first!
I thought it was CGI at first!

3: Emperor Palpatine.

Yes, you guessed it. The guy with the electric fingers for all you "I'm not THAT big of a Star Wars fan" people out there, is highly likely in this Star Wars as well!

Well, SOMEONE (I'm guessing it's him) in a black cloak kneels in front of this creepy, foggy column thing. The red guards are the Emperor’s Royal Guards. I don’t usually see Emperor Palpatine as the kneeling type, so either there’s something really important (like the Emperor) in that column or it’s so important his personal guards are there. Possibly a higher person on the social ladder, even higher than Emperor Palpatine? The questions are just rolling in!

4: Forest Whitaker.

Who's he you ask? He's this bulky, limping guy right here:

Suddenly, Forest Whitaker appears! His armor is much bulkier than we usually see in the Star Wars verse. And he looks like he has a limp, but could still completely destroy you. Making Star Wars has opined that, based on what they’ve heard his character’s code name is, “Eel Leader,” he’s a bounty hunter. Which would make sense, since he wasn’t in the photo of Erso’s team. He than gives guidance and warns Jyn about her journey and helping out the rebels either destroying the death star, stealing the plans TO destroy, or possibly both and whole thing is just going to be one big screw-up.

5: Yavin 4.

Don't know what that is too? It's a world with a special little rebel base on it. Look, if you thought that J.J. Abrams recreated the feel of the original Star Wars trilogy in The Force Awakens, Gareth Edwards and his team has perfectly recreated the Yavin 4 base. There’s an astromech droid at the end of the shot, an X-Wing in the middle, just so much detail. That's what I love about this trailer, I only list 5 but theres still so much detail to cover, but I don't want to take away ALL the fun. Just look at the Yavin 4 rebel base and tell me it doesn't look familiar.

Now, I know I missed a lot, but there's soooo much to cover, and I don't want to spoil all the fun for you readers! I just hope you guys get more enjoyment out of watching the trailer now that you can expect those things from the movie this December! Let me know what you guys think and maybe what I ALSO missed in the comments below, I'll also leave you guys with the trailer to recap, and above all, may the force be with you.


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