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Whether you saw her breakout role in Gilmore Girls or her explosion into raunchy comedy with Bridesmaids, chances are you've seen and loved actress Melissa McCarthy in her 28 years on the screen.

McCarthy is continuing her comedic film career with the upcoming The Boss, co-written by McCarthy and husband/director Ben Falcone. Here's the hilarious red-band trailer for the upcoming comedy:

Now that you've gotten a glimpse at a potential character to add to this list later down the line, let's take a moment to look back at McCarthy's most memorable performances in the past:


1. Sookie St. James - 'Gilmore Girls'

Even if you didn't enjoy the pretty sappy series, there was no denying that McCarthy was one of the highlights of the show as Lorelai's BFF, Sookie St. James. Not only did McCarthy shine in her best friend duties, but she was also hilarious as she worked (somewhat clumsily) as the executive chef for the Independence Inn.

2. Molly Flynn - 'Mike & Molly'

I'm going to give my honest opinion and say that I've never been a huge fan of Mike and Molly. With the ever-growing number of sitcoms debuting today, especially on this show's network CBS, it gets kind of hard to separate them. However, this does not mean it's without a few good elements. There have been some great episodes, and throughout the show, McCarthy's performance as the titular character has remained consistently pleasing to watch.

3. Megan Price - 'Bridesmaids'

You'd have to slap me if I left this character off of the list, seeing as how A) I put one of her best lines in the headline, B) referenced her in the first paragraph and C) McCarthy's role as Megan Price earned her an Oscar nomination, her only one so far. While McCarthy had been in quite a few other movies before this, including The Nines and The Back-Up Plan, Bridesmaids was the first sign that she could do raunchy, vulgar comedy and do it well.

4. Diana/Dawn Budgie - 'Identity Thief'

Was Identity Thief a great movie? No, not by a mile. Was Melissa McCarthy good in Identity Thief? Absolutely, without question, she was the best part of this movie. Identity Thief allowed McCarthy to shine and further prove that if she can't star in a good movie, she can at least be a great character actress.

5. Detective Shannon Mullins - 'The Heat'

You know, for the longest time, I refused to watch this movie, on account of the fact that I thought it looked like a reverse or anti-Miss Congeniality, even starring Sandy Bullock in both movies. After a lot of convincing, I finally watched it and found it to be hilarious, McCarthy shined the strongest out of the whole cast. With her vulgar nature and devil-may-care attitude, Det. Mullins is one of McCarthy's best and funniest characters.

6. Susan Cooper - 'Spy'

This action comedy proved for the third time that McCarthy and writer/director Paul Feig make nothing but pure gold when they get together. McCarthy took on a more restrained role with Spy than with her previous characters in The Heat and Tammy, but it worked very well, as she still captured all of the same humor and wit with Cooper as with Tammy and Mullins. Her role as the desk agent turned field agent even earned her a Golden Globe nomination.

While The Boss is following suit with some of McCarthy's other comedies in terms of reviews, it still looks like it has a chance to deliver some good laughs. However, if the movie were to fail, audiences can look forward to seeing McCarthy in the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot alongside SNL stars Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, as well as Chris Hemsworth; the reboot will be the fourth collaboration between Feig and McCarthy. Here's a look at the upcoming action comedy:

'The Boss' hits theaters April 8!

Who's your favorite Melissa McCarthy character? Are you looking forward to 'The Boss'? Do you have faith in the upcoming 'Ghostbusters' reboot?


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