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Last weekend, total box office earned $130.4 million which pales in comparison to that same time frame last year when Fast and Furious 7 earned $147.2 million single-handedly. This weekend, the box office will be weaker than last weekend, but it should pick up steam in the next two weekends to come. Here is how I predict it will unfold.

1. Batman Vs. Superman

This film is likely to three peat at the top spot this weekend. There are two newcomers this weekend, but neither look like they will open very high. It plummeted a disastrous 69.1% which is the 4th worst second weekend drop behind Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (72%), New Moon (70%), Breaking Dawn Part 1 (69.8%). After a drop like that, I am starting to doubt that it will pass $400 million domestically. This weekend, though, it should not face as big of a decline, but it should still drop pretty hard. It should earn somewhere in the low to mid $20 millions this weekend.

2. The Boss

The Boss is one of two newcomers this weekend. Melissa McCarthy comedies have been hit or miss at the box office lately. They tend to do worse, though, when the reviews are poor, and so far, that seems to be what early word of mouth suggests. It is likely to open in the mid to high $10 millions. If it does a little better than I am predicting (or if Batman Vs. Superman falls harder than I predicted), it might be able to take the top spot.

3. Zootopia

Zootopia looks to be in line for another strong weekend at the box office. Without any other family options, another light decline is likely here. It should be in the low to mid $10 millions this weekend.

4. Hardcore Henry

Hardcore Henry is the other newcomer of the weekend and it does not look like it will go very high. Not many people seem to be aware of it have given it mixed reception. It is about a man who gets revived as a half human, half robot hybrid. It's not like we have seen that premise a thousand times. It should open between $5 and $10 million.

5. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

There is little to elaborate on here. This film should take a bit steeper of a drop, but not too steep, because the new comedy is reviewed about as badly. It will likely end up between $5 and $10 million this weekend.

Here are my official predictions for the weekend.

1. Batman Vs. Superman: $24.5 million (-53%)

2. The Boss: $18.2 million

3. Zootopia: $14.2 million (-26%)

4. Hardcore Henry: $7.7 million

5. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2: $6.3 million (-44%)


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