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Star Wars Episode 8 is just over a year away and as more actors are being cast as it enters production, I have decided to share my idea for the story, so here it is...

First Act:

The film follows directly after the ending of Episode VII with Rey handing Luke Skywalker his iconic lightsaber back. Luke tells her to keep the saber and promises to train her into a Jedi. Meanwhile Kylo Ren is also being trained by Supreme Leader Snoke, Snoke plans to open an ancient Jedi temple and sends Ren to do so. The temple cannot be opened by only one force-user, so the First order start a galaxy-wide search for force users. Finn, Chewbacca and BB8 are on a mission by General Leia to form a peace treatey with a Leader of a Trade route (Benecio del Toro). The leader double-crossed the Resistance and Stormtroopers arrive and pursue Finn and Chewie as they escape in the Falcon. The Falcon doesn't have enough fuel to get back to the resistance base. Rey learns how to use the force as Luke helps her lift rocks and learn all the tricks of being a Jedi. Finn and Chewie have to land the Falcon in a bigger ship to refuel.

Second Act:

The captain of the ship (Laura Dern) recognises the Falcon and confronts Finn threatening to turn him over to the First-Order as they are wanted across the galaxy, Finn tells her that the First order would arrest her and her crew for their illegal trading and convinces her to hide them until they reach the nearest Planet. A collection of force sensitives are taken to Kylo Ren who tests their force powers killing any who are not powerful enough and Ren tells General Hux who is overseeing the building of a new First order base to continue the search. Luke tests Reys power believing she is ready to fight Ren but she doesn't believe so. Meanwhile on the ship Finn learns that the Captains sister was killed by the First order and that most of the crew were victims of the First-Orders cruelty. Luke tests Reys self belief giving her the confidence she needs to confront Ren. The ship that Finn is hiding on receives a message from the First-order telling them to turn around as they are entering a restricted area of space. Finn convinces the captain to take them to the base to avenge her sister. Rey says bye to Luke and leaves Acht-to to confront Rey. Finn and the captain devise a plan for the ship to be a distraction as Finn and Chewie enter the base in the Falcon.

Third Act:

As Finn and Chewie approach the base they learn it is not a base but an inhabited civilisation being held captive by the first order. The Ship lands in the dock where Captain Phasma comes aboard and arrests the Captain, Phasma forces her to give the location of the rebels. Poe Dameron leads his X-wing squadron on a routine check when he receives a distress call from BB8. Finn and Chewie come across a weapon being built by the First-order, Phasma finds the two and arrests them taking them to the Star Destroyer on which Hux is over watching the building of the weapon. Hux asks them about Reys location. Rey feels a connection to Ren and follows it leading her to the Jedi temple. Poe follows the distress call to the base where the weapon was being built. Finn and Chewie escape the Star destroyer with BB8s help. Poe is shot down by enemy guns crash landing his X-wing and just escapes. Rey arrives at the temple where she confronts Ren, the two duel and Reys overpowers Ren. Ren eventually forces Rey to open the temple. Poe finds Finn and Chewie who attempt to rescue the crew of the ship being held hostage by Phasma and her troops. Finn and Chewie take out the troops but Phasma attempts to kill Finn as revenge for leaving her to die before. Poe shoots Phasma and they rescue the Captain leaving the city in the ship. Poe runs out to stop Phasma and is captured. Rey and Ren fight inside the temple in a room full of columns. Ren taunts Rey about Leia and Luke and that she can't reach her full potential. Rey tells Ren she can still see the light in him which infuriates him leading him to reveal Luke is her Father. The ship is pursued by Tie-fighters through an asteroid field. Rey and Ren enter a cave full of crystals the one used to make lightsabers. Rey nearly kills Ren and flees to be picked up by Finn in the Falcon. They return to the resistance base where Rey asks Leia about her parentage, Leia tells her it was a tough desicion Luke had to make to protect her from Snoke. Finn and Rey promise to save Poe and stop Snoke from using the crystals to destroy the Galaxy. The film ends on Luke alone on Ach-to with R2-D2 feeling that Rey knows she is his daughter.

[Star Wars: Episode VIII](tag:711868) hits theatres December 15, 2017.


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