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I'm huge Rob Zombie fan. May it be the visuals, the music or even the man himself, there's always something interesting and intriguing to think about the rock group, know for it's shock horror visuals.

Rob Zombie's first live DVD was allegedly planned to be released in 2008, with live album Zombie Live!, along with an art-book. Whatever happened to that footage, nobody knows. What's important is that they released last year what is probably the ultimate Rob Zombie concert, under the most awesome of titles: The Zombie Horror Picture Show.

Mainly composed of homages of game-changing film-concerts, like Woodstock and The Song Remains The Same, Rob Zombie add their own twist to everything. Containing a fair share of breasts during the show, these fans are whom capture the true spirit of everything that the group represents, and it's strongly underlined, this is a DVD made with the passion of fans for fans.

However, there are no film parts as companion to this amazing concert, focusing on the bands energy on stage, with amazing performances of popular songs such as Dragula and More Human Than Human, as well as more recent songs. It's a balanced mix, but it does beg for more!

Unless you're not into this genre of music, I'd recommend you'd stay away, as you might be easily shocked at what you'll witness. Everyone, just party hard and rock out to this great concert!


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