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Like most Americans, I really got into The Office through my love for Steve Carell's character Michael Scott. But I soon found myself obsessively crying over Jim and Pam (or Jam, if you will), laughing hysterically at Dwight Schrute, and cringing awkwardly as Michael said inappropriate comment after inappropriate comment.

Then, I found out that all along, us Americans had been copycats. The ever-hilarious Ricky Gervais was the actual creator and writer of The Office — and also starred as the equally, if not more cringeworthy boss David Brent — which originally aired on BBC. I got my hands on the short-lived yet incredibly uproarious UK comedy series. And once again, I found myself hooked.

Now, Gervais is back as David Brent in David Brent: Life on the Road. And yes, he's just as awkward and uncomfortable as ever — just the way we like him.

But really? This film is only going to be showing in the UK? What about those of us across the Atlantic who want to watch David in all his distressingly artless glory?

Until they bring David Brent: Life on the Road to America, I'm going to play this song nonstop on my ukulele. I don't even care if my neighbors become annoyed. "Free love on the free love freeway!"

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