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The first ever trailer for "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" has finally been released to the public. After the critical and financial success of "The Force Awakens", the "Star Wars" saga is officially back and now that we've been promised a new film every year, we now have the teaser for the first spin-off film in the universe, it taking place before "A New Hope" and it revolves around the group of rebels responsible for obtaining the Death Star plans for the Rebellion.

The first half of this trailer is basically setting up Felicity Jones's character, Jyn Erso. What I liked about this is that it immediately establishes a different character from Rey, our lead from "The Force Awakens". While Rey was an independent scavenger who was still kind-hearted and a good person in nature, Jyn appears to be also independent, but more on the rebellious side as she's apparently shown to be charged with many crimes that the Rebellion isn't too happy about. It's a good thing that we're getting more strong female roles like this and I already like what's shown of both the character and the performance from Felicity Jones.

One thing that director Gareth Edwards promised with this movie is that it would be a war movie and that's the exact vibe this movie gives off. The one shot that solidifies this is the end scene when the group of Rebels are running straight into a horde of AT-AT Walkers, almost like a scene straight out of "Saving Private Ryan". When you really think about, none of the previous "Star Wars" films have given off the feeling of an all out war. (excluding "Revenge of the Sith. We only talk about the good "Star Wars" movies on this blog) This dark, gritty war aspect of this universe can be a very exciting and unique addition to the franchise and so far it looks like Gareth Edwards will do a good job in that sense.

Of the things to be speculated in this teaser, the two shots that have me most excited are the shot of Ben Mendolsohn as the Imperial Grand Admiral, maybe serving as this universe's version of Thrawn from the now non-canon books, as well as the shot of a cloaked figure kneeling down in this room flanked by the Emperor's Royal Guards. I want to think that the figure is possibly Darth Vader, but the cloaked outline makes me think otherwise. As far as Vader's role in the movie, I would really like if his presence was built up by people talking about him and we get small glimpses of him as the movie progresses, and then he makes his full appearance at the climax as he goes to town and absolutely obliterates all of the Rebels. With how well Edwards directed "Godzilla" by not showing the titular character all the way through as the suspense builds, I think that the directorial approach of keeping Vader in the shadows would work to the movie's advantage.

Everything said, I really liked this trailer for showing more than I expected from a teaser, and it did a good job if separating itself from the trailers for "The Force Awakens". This is a darker, grittier trailer that gives us just enough of what needs to be teased for what is hopefully a great movie that appropriately sets up the future events while also being its own story for newer "Star Wars" fans.


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