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The filming of Season 4 of the series Sherlock began Monday, April 4, in England.

It took two years before resuming filming the series about the famous detective of Baker Street! The fans are tired of waiting, despite the broadcast of a Christmas special episode, released last December (which took place in a Victorian era).

But the wait is shorter since we know that Season 4 is on! The official account of the British series produced by the BBC tweeted a video starring Mark Gatiss, co-creator of the series (and older brother of Sherlock in the show), with a movie clap adding: "We are return, the party begins. " Mark Gatiss is also an actor in the series and interpreter Mycroft Holmes Sherlock's older brother.

In this video, we're guessing that the director of the first episode is a woman. A first in the history of the series. Indeed, Rachel Talalay, known for having directed episodes of "Doctor Who" has the honor to start filming season 4. WARNING SPOILERS follow !!! What we already know about the first episode, it will start on the return of the most famous detective on the British soil, having guessed his nemesis always, Dr. Moriarty, was still alive. Just like dear Watson and his wife who have to face one of the biggest challenges ever, become parents. The main actor Benedict Cumberbatch (The Imitation Game, the future Dr. Strange, etc.) told the BBC that he was happy to meet the cast and crew, and the wait, as long as it is, was worth it. Season 4 is scheduled for 2017.


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