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You don't need me to remind you that Stanley Tucci is an incredibly gifted and versatile actor. Whether he's portraying a homicidal rapist, fashion assistant or sardonic father, he steps into the skins of these characters and breathes life into them. Now, within Tucci's 30 plus year career (specifically in the last decade), which of his roles stand out as being the most noteworthy? Well, here I have six individuals who I feel many people think of (with the exception of one) when Stanley Tucci is mentioned. Now, I'd like to say beforehand that this list is all based on opinion and they're not rated from lowest to highest. And this list isn't meant to be exclusive (meaning I don't intend this list to represent ALL of his memorable roles). Warning, there are SPOILERS.

6. Dill Penderghast From 'Easy A'

Dill is unquestionably one of Tucci's more comedic characters. In the film, Dill sporadically dispenses sage and resonating advice to his daughter, Olive. Yet, he mostly plays off his equally sarcastic and eccentric wife Rosemary (Patricia Clarkson) and spouts humorous banter. I believe he and Clarkson are the funniest aspects of the film.

5. Caesar Flickerman From 'The Hunger Games' Trilogy

Capital citizen and the host of the yearly Hunger Games, Caesar Flickerman was one of the most popular secondary characters in the film series. He was a hit with the Capitol crowd for his flamboyant appearance and television host-esque persona. He notably helped Katniss and Peta ease into the presence of the camera during their interviews and feel welcomed. Whenever he's on screen he's delightful to watch.

4. Paul Child From 'Julie & Julia'

Paul Child was a critical player in this film. He's Julia Child's endearing and supportive spouse who was present during her journey to write/publish a cookbook (that would radically change American cuisine forever). In the movie, he and Julia had an incredibly intimate and loving relationship. They genuinely relished being in each other's company and couldn't resist being physically affectionate. Whenever they were in distress or needed a confidence boost, one was always be there to comfort and/or encourage them. To put it simply, Julia was the butter to his bread.

3. Nigel From 'The Devil Wears Prada'

Nigel was a pro at his job, and his quick wit was only matched by his sharp tongue. He was a fashion assistant at a magazine who gave the new, struggling intern Andy the low-down about her new surroundings. He also gave her seemingly harsh but true words about sucking it up or leaving, despite her problems there. In addition, he helped her adapt by getting a new wardrobe and teaching her to talk the talk.

2. George Harvey From 'The Lovely Bones'

This was probably Tucci's most eerie role to date. George Harvey was a hermit who preyed on young girls and women. In the film, he lured Susie Salmon and raped and killed her. Throughout the film, Harvey obsessed over Salmon's murder and planned to make her sister, Lindsey, his next victim. Harvey managed to fool the authorities, and boasted about how he'd committed "the perfect crime." This role nabbed Tucci a Golden Globe and Academy Award nomination for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role.

1. Herb Kazazz From 'Bojack Horseman' (Netflix)

Herb Kazzaz was the creator of Horsin' Around and the former best friend of the series's main character, Bojack Horseman. As the show progressed, we learned that Kazzaz was betrayed by Bojack after he broke his promise and loyalty to him. Regardless, Herb made the most of his life afterward, until his death. During his appearances, he came across as being charismatic, down to earth, passionate about his work, and protective of his friends. Plus, the fact he could laugh at his own jokes and not come off as obnoxious proved (in my book) how likable he was.

These diverse parts alone are a testament to how gifted he is. Not only that but his acting skills are so strong and creative that he's able to make these characters unforgettable. This is one of the reasons why I enjoy watching him perform. It's almost a guarantee that his next role will be someone who's different. Other actors aren't as unique, they can only play one role and they redo the same character over and over again, ad nauseam.


Which character on this list is your favorite?


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