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Every year Activison releases a new Call Of Duty whether its good or bad. There are many fans that love the game and there are people who hate on the game. Every Call of Duty has haters. This article will have nothing to do with the old gen version.


1. Graphics

Call of Duty Black ops 3 had some very good graphics. As you see the picture it looks like ps4 has better graphics. I dont think that it is true they couldve turned down the brightness or color. Black ops 3 graphics are very similar to Call of duty Advanced Warfare they are nice and smoothe. The graphics on PC, PS4, and the Xbox one are very similar you can barley tell the difference.

2. Weapons

The weapons in this game were very well and balanced (Except the vesper at first). They all had a good taste and are very fun to use. Although some of the guns can be hard to use becasue of their recoil or iron sights. Most of the weapons had great iron sights. Treyarch shouldve added more secondaries including pistols and launchers.

3. Maps

The maps in this game very detailed and colorful. Although there were about 2 maps that had a lot of campers the rest were fun to play. The maps were action packed and played very fast and well. This game had maps that wouldve been fun to play during the older COD'S.


1. Supply Drops

Last year in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare they had supply drops, every one know's what those are. In Black ops 3 they added them yea your kidding me rigth? Treyarch said the supply drops were only going to have cosmetic items ( Camos, Specialist clothes and other things). Guess what they LIED. Although they proably didn't have control because of activison. Tryarch had released weapons that were nearly impossible to get but you could pay for COD points and transfer it into supply drops. (VERY UNFAIR)


Source: Mr Dalek JD
Source: Mr Dalek JD

The campaign on Black ops 3 was very fun and crazy. Many fans were upset and dissapointed becasue of the story line. It was very confusing and many people didnt understand it! (Including Me). Although it was fun what did the story line mean? This very upsetted many fans but, remember that they had to work on other things.

The specialist is in the middle not to good or not to bad.

If you have never played it go give it a try!

Rating- 8 out 10

Do you like Black Ops 3?


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