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It's been over 10 years since we last heard from the Incredible family, so fans of the Pixar adventure film are eager to jump back into the world of superheroes we fell in love with. It's common knowledge that the animation powerhouse takes its time, but it also has a track record of consistently gratifying material.

Director Brad Bird and his creative team still have a long ways to go before its 2019 release date, but that's not keeping anyone from trying to get more information about the long-awaited sequel.

In an interview with io9, Finding Dory director and member of Pixar's Brain Trust Andrew Stanton and his producer Lindsey Collins, were asked what we've all been wondering for years: What the heck is going on with The Incredibles 2?

While they were understandably unable to unveil all of the plot details and divulge character descriptions, they did have some insight into what fans can expect to see in the coming years. Andrew Stanton quelled some bigger fears by stating how the film plans on delivering on the promises left open from the first film:

“Well, look, it was in the movie from the first one. There was a big promise at the back end of the movie. ‘Here we go. They’re now a family of superheroes.’”

Lindsey Collins mirrored Stanton's confidence and noted that diving back into the Incredibles' world is stressful, but exciting:

“Brad [Bird] is as good as they get, and I think he’s very aware of how excited people are for 'Incredibles 2' and I’m sure he feels a lot of the same pressure we felt about making sure that we’re worthy of that kind of anticipation. And I think he takes it seriously. I’m, for one, excited to get back in that world.”

She continued by drawing from their experiences with Finding Dory, another highly-anticipated Pixar sequel, and how they worked to avoid the pitfalls of creating a sequel:

“I think all you want is for the first five minutes for the audience to be like, ‘We’re back with these people! We’ve missed them'... And I think that is where you want to start from. How do I make a story where in the first five minutes, you have people leaning forward and being like, 'I’m so happy that I’m back in this!' And I think if you wait long enough I think you get some of that out of sheer frustration and anticipation.”

All it takes is five minutes to reel back us in, and then dazzle us throughout. And if there's any studio that I trust to deliver on such massive promises, it's Pixar.

'Finding Dory' will be released on June 17, and 'The Incredibles 2' will hit theaters starting June 21, 2019.

Are you more excited for 'Finding Dory' or 'The Incredibles 2'?

(Source: io9)


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