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This is something I never thought I would have to do. However, let's just start with what we are here to do. I was immensely shocked by the reviews about [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) when it came out. Unfortunately because of work I wasn't able to watch it on the 23rd, the premier in my country, however I managed to go and see it on the 24th. I did not want to know any spoilers, however I have watched some people talk about it and to be honest, I was just flabbergasted. Let's just start with a few major things people add to the movie. Spoilers ahead!

Lex Luthor is like the Joker.

Okay, I don't know who came up with this, but it's just flat out wrong. The Joker is a chaotic maniac, menacing and dangerous. In this movie, Lex is a young but brilliant man, eccentric as most billionaires his age are. He is full of energy and happiness in the beginning, but in my opinion Jessie Eisenberg played the role brilliantly. His first appearance with the basketball was a little strange, however, he won me over with the scene at his room when he was talking to Senator Finch. I knew guys like him, people who are full of rage on the inside but are struggling to keep up a funny, joyous personality. How his face contorted and how his lips and nose twitched when he just wanted to hurt her for the smallest thing as interrupting him was great. I'm hopeful that in the future we will see more of his dangerous side other than the over the top persona he plays. I admit to him getting a bit tiresome by the end, but he is still nothing like the Joker. If anything, he is a bit like the Luthor in the 2003 Superman Returns played by Kevin Spacey.

The Fight between Batman and Superman was too short.

Duh. What did you expect? We did not know the specifics and the small cranks of how Batman will manage to go after Superman, but we knew that he will be using some form of Kryptonite. In my case, I was kind of hoping that Batman would steal parts and pieces of Zod's discarded armor or maybe the Kryptonian ship and retrofit the metal into his battle suit, giving him a fighting chance, rather than the whole thing coming down to Superman being a pussy because of Kryptonite. Whatever the case, Batman can't go against Superman for a long time. Since he is just a normal human, his chances are all in his equipment which would not hold up for long against someone like Superman. Even in the Holy Grail of Rabid Batman Fans, the Dark Knight Returns animated movie, the fight was not that long and then Batman even used Green Arrow's help and a fake heart attack to get away.

The Martha scene was dumb.

Why? Why was it dumb? It used something that was in the comics since both characters were given an origin... which is for decades. And nobody really connected the two. As far as I know, there is a What If comic book which tells that Martha Wayne didn't die but instead left for witness protection and moved to Smallville where she remarried, becoming Martha Kent. Other than that, this was the first time I've seen their parents being used to well. We all know Batman is plagued by the death of his parents, again, just like in the Dark Knight Returns where he is much older. I actually liked that scene because if just like with Superman fighting for his mother, a bloodlusted Batman would only stop because of the name of his mother. Kidnapping Superman's mother was a good reason for him to fight while reminding Batman of his parents was a good reason for him to stop fighting. I think it worked.

The Motivations were jumbled.

This is kind of funny to me. Everyone said that why the fight happens is just plain stupid. How? We spent the whole movie from Batman's perspective, telling us why and how he reaches the point of wanting to finish Superman. He is manipulated, yes, something that should never happen to Batman, and usually doesn't, but he was susceptible because of his rage of what happened in Metropolis in Man of Steel. When they were at the party, Bruce even compared Superman to Joker, not only to be funny but to show us that in some way, he thinks Superman is just as unpredictable and untrustworthy as the Joker is. A small slice of what his opinion is. In Clark's perspective, Batman is something he wants to make right in the world. He believes that criminals should get fair treatment as much as anybody else and knows that a Bat Brand is a death sentence. He sees Batman as dangerous, aggressive, unlawful and even a bit of an executioner. It's something he doesn't want to abide by. And don't forget the billionaire madman who showered him in the beaten pictures of his mother. Motivation enough I think.

The Fights were too Dark.

I can't even argue this. I don't know how to counter this. I saw everything just fine, this is just nitpicking. I know that every Marvel action is during the day. Well this was during a night. Deal with it.

Too many Dream Sequences.

For one, I don't think there were too many or elaborate enough for them to become jumbled. I don't get this criticism, maybe because I'm an idiot, but I never thought they were bad. That whole opening sequence with the Waynes and Kid Bruce being lifted out of the hole in the ground could have been an incredible short movie about Batman's origins. The Knightmare was awesome, no matter who says otherwise. Post-Apocalyptic Batman was great as were the parademons and evil Superman. Dream sequences have been a great storytelling engines in various movies and here they were not perfectly executed, there were by no means bad or out of place.

Shoe-horned Justice League.

Flat out nitpicking. Diana had a clear role in the movie and was not just thrown in as a cock-tease. The Flash vision Bruce had was great and it teases a much larger universe with a person with trans-temporal and trans-dimensional abilities. In many sci-fi stories which use time travel, this happens. 12 Monkeys for instance. This might seem like it was pointless, but we don't know why it happened... yet. Let's just wait and see. Also, about Lex Luthor's Superhero Playlist? It was clear that he was looking into metahuman activity. That was the whole reason Wonder Woman did what she did in the movie. In this day and age where technology rules and almost everyone is armed with a camera, it is hard to get lost in the crowd, something the Flash short showed. He can't just do what he does without one person noticing it. I think the small cameos were in place and it gives a boost of motivation to Bruce in gathering the Justice League. Also, it gives him clues about where to begin.

It was just a stupid comic book movie.

This I just don't get. What the hell did people think this was? It's BATMAN and SUPERMAN. You know them? COMIC BOOK CHARACTERS? In a COMIC BOOK MOVIE? It's not supposed to be scientifically accurate, it's not supposed to be by real life rules, or at least aspire to like Marvel with the 'magic is just advanced science' crap. The DC Cinematic universe embraces the comic book roots, for better or for worse.

Batman is too brutal.

Duh. He's Batman. You need to make sure that the people you beat down actually stay down instead of standing up and continuing the fight. Also... did we mention he's BATMAN? Herds of Batman fanatics yell at this movie with frothing mouths how disrespectful this movie was to Batman. Hello, do you remember the animated movie you all consider your bible? The Dark Knight Returns? Where he actually kills? Where he trashes people so bad they are rushed to the hospital? Hello? Or the Killing Joke, where he kills again? Wake up people and actually read the source material before you criticize.

Superman dies.

Yep. Superman is killed by Doomsday. So? Believe me, I'm the biggest Superman fan, I loved Man of Steel and I adore Henry Caville in the role. He died and it sucks. But he died like Superman would in this situation. Sacrificing himself for others, even after he was attacked with a nuke. It was a heartbreaking scene where I was almost crying. The music, the cinematography and the effects were all spot on while the funeral scenes were a bit cheesy but also quiet, calm and respectful with a few easter eggs here and there. Superman is not written out of the story, he will come back, so no worries.

Doomsday looked terrible.

No he didn't. Doomsday is not a villain so easily defeated and even if he would look as bad as others say he is, he will come back. We have seen how he evolves. We just have to wait. He was menacing and evil and he did kill Superman like Doomsday should.

Too many cuts.

Here is the last one I'm addressing today, and I have to be honest, this one is the only thing I actually agree with. But I don't see it as derogatory towards the movie. The problem with this is the same thing that was the problem with Watchmen. When I watched it I was like... meh. Next time I watched the Director's Cut and it was flat out awesome. I loved it. As such, I'm willing to wait for the M rated cut on DVD. Unfortunately the Theatrical Cut has been sloppily edited and sometimes is does confuse many people but I'm hopeful that it will all be better when we'll see what Zack originally wanted to create.

All in all, this is what I thought of many of the criticisms of the movie. I loved it with every little DC fanboy DNA I have, and I will defend it when it needs to, however, I need to accept some of it's flaws as well, since it was by far not a perfect movie. However, a good review will come if and when Moviepilot will release the review part of the site :D so thank you for reading and go watch that movie! :D


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