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STOP READING now if you haven't watched the latest episode of Arrow (no. 18) as there are huge spoiler below!

The internet was awash with anger and rage tonight at the shocking death of Black Canary aka Laurel Lance. Fans could not believe why they killed the character off who it made the least sense to kill. But was she the most unlikely victim?

Damien Darhk has been plastered on our screens as the main big bad villain this season however he hasn't really shocked anyone with a major death or got to Slade Wilson level. Until last night that is. He promised Quentin Lance that if he did not comply well then Laurel would be in mortal danger. So surely it makes perfect sense that Laurel be the one which Darhk aimed at! He had to prove to Quentin and everyone that he was to be feared and that he kept his promises.

Another point to make is everyone believed it would be Quentin or John that died, but why? John has a baby girl, a brother in the story line with more mystery behind him and his wife is the head of ARGUS. It would be pointless to kill him unless to cause unnecessary shock. And as for Quentin, Darhk knew by killing his daughter it would hurt him more!

Also the show does NOT have to follow the comic books word for word, it get's creative license! I mean don't go and watch Civil war if you were offended by this idea of changing from the source material or you might go full Hulk. Laurel may be huge in the comics but with Olicity and White canary becoming fan favorites it's bound to change.

Do you think Laurel was the right character? Or maybe you think I'm on the wrong tracks, please comment below.

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