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It’s FINALLY here! It's the moment we’ve all been impatiently waiting for the past 24 hours. The [Rogue One](tag:854980) : A Star Wars Story trailer hit the web shortly after it was aired on ABC’s Good Morning America. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, you can do so below!


This trailer is EPIC in the purest way. Director Gareth Edwards (Godzilla 2014) has certainly chosen the right scope for this film. From the scenes of the Death Star and Imperial Star Destroyers, all the way down to the final shots of the Rebels fighting the AT-AT walkers on a tropical island, Edwards looks to have perfected yet another film for this universe we will all cherish for years to come.

This film will have it all. In an interview last year, Edwards was asked if this film will have a 'war' tone feel to it. Edwards responded with, “Well, it is called Star WARS.” It seems like this movie will feel like Saving Private Ryan meets the Star Wars universe and I couldn’t be happier. The film will be gritty and perhaps the darkest of all the Star Wars movies. Every shot in the trailer was astounding to look at. However there was one element missing… Darth Vader.

No, the studios did not need Vader to sell us on the movie. Just the words ‘Star Wars’ alone will easily sell all kinds of merchandise and will fill theaters across the globe. However, the fact of the matter is they didn’t need to. There is so much to love from this footage- with or without the Big Bad himself. With that in mind, I’d like to share with you my “5 Reason’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Did Not NEED To Show Darth Vader.” Let’s get started…

#1. Focus on the Mission at Hand

"We have a mission for you. A major weapons test is imminent and we need to know what it is and how to destroy it.” -Mon Mothma

Loyal Star Wars fans and movie fans in general knew that a brand new Star Wars film would debut later this year. However, even if fans heard about this movie, they may not have known what it was about. Well, they do now.

In the trailer, Mon Mothma makes it VERY clear that there is this destructive weapon that is being built by the Empire. The Rebels want to know HOW to stop it, so they hire these spies including the one actress Felicity Jones is playing. Her character is named Jyn Erso and is seen being arrested at the beginning of the trailer.

The plot is firmly established at the beginning and will help educate casual movie fans that this film is NOT a part of the Episodic trilogy. This movie is instead a ‘spin-off’ Star Wars film that takes place right before the events of Episode IV. This trailer certainly did a great job of informing audiences that it is different and will tell a unique story that is still Star Wars related.

#2. Introduce Us To Newer Characters

Felicity Jones’ character Jyn Erso wasn’t the only new Star Wars character to be introduced in this trailer. We also got to see actors Diego Luna, Donnie Yen, and Forest Whitaker who gives us some great pieces of dialogue in the trailer:

“What will you do when they catch you? What will you do if they break you!? If you continue to fight… what will you become?”

These rebel-spy outlaws are the characters we will be following the most in the story. It’s good to get a nice introduction to these characters in the most insane way, including the scene which depicts Donnie Yen’s character fighting off a bunch of stormtroopers.

The trailer focuses heavily on these newer characters as they should. We need to understand the direction this film is going in. There will be many new characters in this Star Wars universe that we have never seen or heard of before. A teaser trailer is a great way to establish the tone and characters of this spin-off film.

#3. Darth Vader Would Steal the Show Away From Ben Mendelsohn’s Character

We still don’t know WHO Ben Mendelsohn is playing in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Some have speculated he could be playing Tarkin while others hope and pray (such as myself) that Mendelsohn is portraying a Grand Admiral Thrawn type character. While we don’t get to hear him speak at all, we can tell just by the few shots given to us in the trailer that he will be a menacing presence in the film.

We also get another look at Mendelsohn’s character (above) as he walks among a possible defeat in a major battle against the Rebellion. There are many corpses of stormtroopers shown laying on the ground as he walks around surveying the battlefield. I’m sure he will be placing a huge bounty on whoever did this and will do whatever it takes to get his revenge. If Vader however was in this trailer, he would surely have stolen the spotlight from this Imperial Officer.

#4. The Film is a nod to 'Star Wars: Battlefront'

If watching stormtroopers shooting on all cylinders and AT-AT’s firing on the Rebels didn’t feel like you were playing Star Wars: Battlefront, then I don’t know how to convince you otherwise. This film felt like you were placed right into the middle of a major battle, ready to take on some Rebel scum! The scope is BIG and I mean BIG. My favorite shot in the trailer was the ground level shot of the Rebels running TOWARDS oncoming AT-AT’s on some tropical-looking planet.

Gareth Edwards wanted to prove to us that this is in fact a ‘war’ film and that we should expect to see lots of it on a global scale. If it’s a war film you were looking for, then it’s a war film your’re going to get.

#5. They’re Saving Him for the Official Trailer

Vader will be utilized in the marketing EVENTUALLY. As I said earlier, just putting the name Star Wars on anything will make the product that much easier to sell. For this film, we don’t necessarily need him in the marketing, YET. Don’t worry- we will be hearing James Earl Jones reprise the voice of perhaps the greatest cinematic villain in history soon enough. As Obi-Wan always stressed patience in the films, so should we. We will get our Vader, in due time.

So what do you all think? Should Disney/Lucasfilm have put Vader in the trailer? If and when they do, how should they present him? I’d like to hear everyone’s thoughts in the comment section below and please share!

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