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After confirming she wouldn't, she actually is! Melissa McCarthy has officially signed on to return for Netflix's 'Gilmore Girls' reboot!

Seriously, this is the best news yet! Back when the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix was announced, the question on everyone's mind was whether or not Melissa McCarthy would reprise her role as the charmingly clumsy chef, Sookie. While most of the cast has had much success since the show ended, Melissa was the one that shot to A-List status, making it look unlikely the revival would be able to lock her in.

Sookie was one of the most beloved and important characters in the show, playing best friend to Lorelai Gilmore, and second parent to Rory. Fans' worst fears were soon recognized when creator Amy Sherman said Melissa would not be returning, which lead to a back and fourth of will she or won't she in the media. Melissa originally said she wasn't even invited to return! Say what?

Well, it looks like they got everything cleared up, because Melissa has officially announced she will be returning to Stars Hollow for the Netflix reboot, and no one is happier than her! Recently, she had expressed how much she loved the show and what a great time in her life and career it had been. She also mentioned that by the time she had been approached about being in it, her schedule was too full. Well gosh darn it, girl found the time, Hallelujah!

Melissa will officially announce the news on Monday's Ellen show, and in a clip (below) released from the episode, she seems as happy about it as we are!

“I’m going to go back and do it! [Series creator] Amy Sherman-Palladino is going to squeeze me in to do it. I’m very happy to go back to Stars Hollow.”

They figured out her Gilmore Girls deal less than two hours before the show's taping? Wow, that's how intense Hollywood scheduling and negotiating can be! Melissa is mid-promo tour for her upcoming film, The Boss, so no doubt she is using this announcement for some good publicity for the film. Some fans had questioned if maybe she had gotten too famous for Gilmore Girls, but Melissa just shut that rumor down flat. No amount of fame and money can keep Sookie from Stars Hollow!

The other day, Sherman extended a public invite to Melissa during an interview, saying that she could literally run in and run out for the scene. Melissa could be done in two hours, and on her way, anything just to get her in it, they would make it work.

Melissa is rumored to be shooting her appearance in the next few days in between her very busy schedule. Hey, we'll take any Sookie we can get! The Gilmore Girls core cast is now all officially returning for the revival, and if you know the entertainment industry, this is rare! No official release date for the series has been announced by Netflix, but with this news it already seems too far away. I can't wait!

P.S. Luke and Lorelai better be married.


Are you excited to see Melissa McCarthy back in Stars Hollow?


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