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I'm a reader and a lover of the movies. Maybe I'm somewhat of a nerd...
Grace Foulk

A wasted death,one I did not believe.

But Death alas, I had received.

The darkness came and did deceive,

A darkness devil, all conceived.

On troubled thoughts that I had dreamed,

And I fade but will you stay, for me?

A grey plain, I do abstain,

But plagued by pain I say again,

For blasphemous thoughts drive me insane.

I've got nothing left to gain,

If only please you'd stay, you'd stay,

If only for another day.

If not I'd simply waste away...

And all dreams sanctified waste with me,

For all we have is memory,

I ask you, will you stay for me?

And I fade but will you play with me?

So sadness may delay from me,

And I shall escape so sparingly,

Or fall to shame bestowed through me.

A darkest day betrothed to me,

Through a painful lie told truthfully?

I see the light, wanted not.

Tis' not for I too see.

I'd fight the night,

And do what's right,

If only you would stay for me...

Hey, just a poem I wrote and I kind of mixed in some meanings of some heroic things that were in these popular franchises. Some people write narratives, fascinating articles about things where see all the right meanings in these franchises. I decided to do something different and write a poem and rather, capture the essence of these things. The millions of feelings that rush through our minds as we watch them. The way they get into our hearts and the only cure to this crushing feeling we have found, is to find other people who feel this way online, in posts, and in each other. Maybe that's why movie plot is so popular... We need to express these feelings, and this is how I have chosen to do so.


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