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Horror movies are possibly the most polarizing kinds of films in cinema. Why do some people like them and why do others hate then? Why do mainstream critics not seem to get them? Why do people consider them to be one of the worst genres of film?

Why horror fans love them?

I have to be honest, I love wathing horror movies, but I rarely get scared by them. I liked them a lot, but I don't think that the quality of a horror movie is related to how scary it is. I look for originality. I want to be surprised by a good, unexpected and unique script.

Over time, it gets harder and harder to be surprised. Especially these days when it seems that everybody is recycling ideas. But the good thing about horror is that unlike other genres, it has an unlimited potential. A horrific situation can happen everywhere, at any time, and it doesn't need to be supernatural in order to cause dread. The world is full of horrifying things. We all have our own particular phobias and things we'd consider terrifying. Even the simplest of objects can trigger a particular fear.

Someone can find a doll in a dark closet scary. Another might feel vertigo while standing on a chair. And don't let me start with the clowns . . .

A good horror story can be about anything and anyone can be part of it. Even you and I. Horror movies can be very personal. It is hard to be in the shoes of a perfectly trained soldier, or of a millionaire who fights against crime dressed as a bat. But it is easier to be inside the mind of a single mother, of of a a college student or of a depressed teenager. We can relate to them.

They are normal people. Just like us.

Normal people in hellish situations.
Normal people in hellish situations.

No, I am not a sadist. I don't like to watch people suffering in real life. I know the difference between real life and something that only happens on a screen. I'm simply someone who likes a good story.

To get some different perspectives, I asked a few horror fans why they watch horror movies , and these were their answers:

Lisa Smith Horror: movies are a thrilling adrenaline rush for jaded moviegoers like me. I like them because the good ones are unlike the things you've seen a hundred times on TV or in movies. Also, I like being able to watch something that others can't handle.
蝉時雨色 ベニー: It's paradox. On the one side I really like these shock moments and on the other I'm scared too easily so I often can't keep my gaze the movie. XD Can't really describe why I still love it tho :'D
Richie J Hamilton: I don't like gore movies... good horror films should be about something that can actually happen in real life and taken to a scary level... that leaves the viewer terrified in case it actually happens to them.
Jose Muneton: I just love the way they bring out the excitement and that little bit of darkness in all of us. Feels a little taboo, yet you can't help but to like it.
Brian Levario: Being taken to the edge of sanity and shoved off into the abyss of our darkest subconscious.
Hashim Hassan: Everyone likes something which keeps them on the edge of their seats and cover their eyes in scary moments. LOL.
Dexter Williams: Horror movies are awesome because there is no bigger rush for me then to have the daylights scared out of me. They have changed my life in more ways than one. It was "A Nightmare on Elm Street" (1984) that made me a horror fan for life, and it also inspired me to write my very first horror script "Demon Crystal". I have since optioned another horror script, and made a trilogy out of it. I owe a debt of gratitude to the horror film genre.
Julian-Sebastian T. Gerdes: I've just always been fascinated by the psychology of evil. I studied psych. in University because I wanted to understand what makes different people (just like me) tick, to the point that they could kill or commit other violent acts. For this reason, one of my favorite films is American Psycho. When you get people Patrick Bateman on screen, it becomes a character study, which I enjoy. And when actors can bring these different psychologies to life and make that madness something real.. oh man.

After reading these responses one can conclude that the things a lot of fans find in horror movies are things they can't find anywhere else. Adrenaline. Excitement.

Horror movies can shake your core like nothing else can.

We horror fans share something special. We know that a movie doesn't have to have great acting or Oscar worthy direction in order to be enjoyable. We know that the most important thing is the passion behind a film. We know that horror movies can create an addiction.

And above all, we know that we are misunderstood.

And we love it.

So tell me, why do you like horror movies? And if you don't like them, please also let me know in the comments section below.

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