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So, the first trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was just released, and blew everyone away, here it is, if you haven't seen it (why haven't you, mate?).

Let's count down the easter eggs in this trailer.


Bigger AT-AT's. The Death Star. It's ORIGINAL TRILOGY EXTRAVANGANZA! and that's awesome! So, here's some of the easter eggs.

1) Mon Momtha (From Revenge Of The Sith)

Mon Momtha is played by Geneviene O'Reily, who was cut from Revenge Of The Sith, and her only scene is a deleted one, so check it out.

She's of course member of the rebellion, who worked together with Leia to built the whole thing, and her presence is welcomed.

2) Admiral Thrawn?

He looks cool as hell
He looks cool as hell

See the badge on Ben Mendelson's character? Well, according to those thingies you can see on his badge, he's ranked Grand Admiral. Thrawn?

I know, that's getting way out of hand, but whatever, speculation is fun.

3) Who's THIS?


Now, those red dudes (if you don't know) are the Royal Imperial Guards, who serve Vader and Palpatine, and the tube we see looks like that tube that was used to heal Luke back in The Empire Strikes Back.

And who's that dude? He looks like he's kneeling, so Vader? But he doesn't wear a hood so who is it? Well, we don't know, for sure.

4) IP Man (Donnie Yen) in Star Wars? HELL YES!

Now, if you gave me offer, that goes like this: I could see Donnie Yen in Star Wars wielding a sword and fighting storm-troopers, but i have to die after that....i totally would accept it!

And that's what we got in this trailer. Now Donnie Yen's character looks blind, and good at a sword, but it's been rumoured that Donnie Yen is a blind Jedi who survived Order 66, which sounds bloody amazing!

5) The Rebel Base

Now, in the start of the trailer, we see Jyn walk alongside another Rebel with some other Rebels running and doing their jobs in the backgrounds. Big day for the rebels, huh?

6) Old Style Stormtroopers

Rocking that armor, mate
Rocking that armor, mate

It's a joy to see old style Stormtroopers again, i mean, i have nothing against the new ones, but we all can agree, the originals are better.

7) Darth Vader's Breathing

During the final shot of Jyn Erso, if you listen closely, you can hear Vader's slowed down breathing.

He's pretty much confirmed to be in this movie.

8) Jyn Erso = Rey's Mom?

So, ever since the trailer was released, this one theory started to gain power, that Felicity Jones' character in Rogue One is Rey's mom.

Now the evidence?

  • British Accents
  • Rey Was Born 11 Years After The Battle Of Endor
  • The Timing Is On Point
  • They Generally Look Alike...A Lot
  • Rogue One is said to have connections to The Force Awakens

Well, there it is, mates.



Did I Miss Any Easter Eggs? Are You Excited For Rogue One?


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