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If you follow a TV Series you're bound to come across some spoilers at some point. Some are blunt and vicious, while others come disguised in 'Two truths and a lie' sort of games. That's what EOnline was able to get from the Outlander main cast on a recent interview.

Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan and Tobias Menzies try their best at fooling the fans while providing some real intel. Based on what they offered, Claire might sleep with another man and fight a giant squid, while Jamie may be caught dead in a dress. True that some of the lies can be called out on the spot, but Tobias simply took this game to a whole new level.

"You don't have to worry about Jack Randall anymore, because he died at the end of the first season, so everyone can rest easy."

If only that were true...

Black Jack Randall in season 1
Black Jack Randall in season 1

teaser trailer is pretty enticing on its own and, while the book readers might have some clues as to where the story is going this season, fans can't wait to follow the Frasers while they take over Paris.

Robert D. Moore, creator and executive producer of the series, did hint at the fact that they're veering the show a bit away from Diana Gabaldon's book Dragonfly in Amber, which inspires this upcoming season. Robert said to Hollywood Reporter:

It was a much bigger challenge to adapt that and figure out what kind of changes we were going to make and how to make it penetrable to an audience who has not read it.

The show's creator has also made it clear that the main events from the book and the staple moments will indeed be translated to the screen, and that Diana clearly endorses what they've done with the show. That's always good to hear!

Starz has also gifted 'Outlander' fans with its premiere episode being released early - yesterday, to be more exact - for all Starz subscribers of the new streaming app and

Outlander will officially premiere its season 2 this Saturday, April 9, on Starz.


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