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I'm a geek, a comic geek! So join me on this amazing experience as I give you the best origins, stories and much more!
Neelay Umrotkar

Hello Internet! Welcome to the major segment "Origins". In this segment, over the next few months or years, depending on the responses from the crowd, I'll be going over the origins of characters from DC as well as Marvel.

I'll be doing a lot of origins but that entirely won't be the identity of my posts. I also have some other things in mind which I'll introduce once things start going smoothly.

So as I wanted this to be the pilot post for all my other posts, I thought, what better way that to kick off by telling you about myself? And that is why, today's character origin story is about me, Crypt!


Crypt, was born as Neelay Umrotkar. Born and brought up in a normal family, he was pretty much a regular kid. He had a pretty normal life until one day when he was in 8th grade. He was introduced to mangas. He kept on reading and finally a couple of years later, he read his first comic. It was "Batman: The Killing Joke". From that day on, his life changed and he got the superpowers to explain stories and comics and origins to other people who knew nothing about comics! He also started a blog where he wrote about different things like "Can Zombies Exist?" and much much more! (Link) He blogged about all kinds of things but his goal was something else. Something much bigger than just a famous blog. He wanted to write a novel. To this day, even though it has only been a few years since he started posting stuff, he s still working towards his dreams.

The first villain he faced was Mr. Name. Mr. Name kept hitting young Neelay for weeks. It was then that Neelay realized that he could only defeat Mr. Name by giving himself the perfect alias. That is how he decided to call himself "Crypt". Then next villain he faced was Mr. Logo. He used the same strategy which he used with Mr. Name and decided to go with a QR Code which he thought best described his alias. Here, check that out! You'll find something interesting if you scan this.

As of now, Crypt has just one big bad guy to beat, Traffix. He prevents people from checking out Crypt's amazing stuff and to beat him, Crypt needs your help! He needs the people to help him out! So stay tuned because amazing stuff is coming.

Thanks for checking out this post. If you like it, do follow me here on CREATORS.CO. Until next time, stay calm and geek on!



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