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Well quite surprisingly, yesterday we got the first teaser for 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' or rather just 'Rogue One'.

According to me the teaser was point perfect (especially the background score) and it gave away more information of what this first anthology film is gonna be about, but unsurprisingly at the same time many questions were raised by numerous fans.

The major question being 'Who is the hooded figure?'

Well this one minute footage ( more like 22 frames) succeeded in raising many eye-bros for sure!

It showed a hooded figure bowing reverently in front of what looks like the Bacta Tank, flanked by two Imperial Royal guards (the guys in red).

Quite obviously, the first impression of many was that the hooded figure is Darth Vader and keeping in mind the setting and the time-line in which the movie takes place, it is quite possible too! But if you look closely, you'll notice that something isn't right.

It would be odd for Vader to have a hood over his helmet. The hood also appears to be clearly resting directly on a head and you cannot see any helmet outline. And since Vader cannot not survive without the helmet, it seems unlikely that it is gonna be him.

Well the second thought was, that would be the Emperor himself. Even though it seems like a debatable possibility, however, it feels odd for Emperor Palpatine to kneel so respectfully in front of anyone, especially in this time-frame, when he is at the peak of power! So the hooded figure possibly won't be the Emperor ( well he could be in the tank)

And that leaves the most likely possibility of a new character! The dark cloak, certainly indicates 'Dark Side' to Star Wars fans, but there is a possibility that it could be a rebel infiltrating the room. If that's the case and if that's the Bacta Tank, then who is in the tank? As of now, no one could answer that!


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