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YES, HELLO... someone give Bob Morley and Lindsey Morgan an oscar already because their performances on The 100 is PHENOMENAL. I'm telling you, it sooo is.

Tonight's episode of The 100 titled 'Fallen' really brought the side of Bellamy and Raven where you couldn't just ignore. Emotions were raw, they were all over the place and my heart couldn't take it.

Let's start with Bellamy Blake:

The beat down he received from Octavia was brutal on it's own. She had to release her anger and grief over Lincoln's death primarily blaming it on Bellamy after he sided with the delulu Pike for a while. He took the beat down from his sister as much as it hurt him (physically and emotionally, ofcourse) because you can't get Octavia to calm down when she's THAT furious. I mean, she did lose the love of her life...(I miss Lincoln, already.)


But he let her, and his face...oh gosh his face made you want to cry for him.


Bob Marley portrayals Bellamy Blake in ways where you can't even think of someone else to play the role. He's just that great at it, all the freaking time. The raw emotions he puts out and the way he plays out Bellamy has you way too intrigued to not just want to give him a hug. Bellamy restored our faiths in him as he was on the RIGHT side tonight as he played Pike into thinking he sided with him again.

Bellamy's character in the beginning of Season 3 had us all wary and somewhat disappointed as to how his character was changing back to Season 1 meany and bossy Bellamy Blake. But deep down, it all goes down to him wanting to protect his people.

"My sister, my responsibility"- Bellamy

He knows what he's done and wants to fix it with his sister. He's going to try to make it work, you'll see.

Bob Morley, you are an amazingly talented actor. Keep being awesome.

Next up, my girl Raven Reyes:

Raven's been through a whole freaking lot! From losing Finn, to being unimaginably tortured by Mount Weather to getting shot by Murphy and making her life that much more difficult, Raven Reyes has been nothing but a warrior. And Lindsey Morgan portrays her so freakingly perfect!

Tonight's episode with Raven was filled with emotion as she tried to regain her memories back after it was stolen by ALIE and Jaha for their city of light shenanigans. I don't know about you, but this storyline of city of light and the damn chip is giving me a headache.

But Raven wanted to act fast and fight back to regain her own self, but in doing so she had to suffer so much. The screaming, the no sleep eyes, the constant moving around trying to understand what the heck was happening was a hectic part of the episode indeed. Kudos to Lindsey Morgan, for being one of the most badass and brilliant female actors on The 100! The tender emotion and pain she channeled into Raven was so well delivered that it just made you think of how great Lindsey is in playing this very strong and fearless character.

When ALIE decided to bring back ALL of Raven's horrid memories from her past, it was so heartbreaking to watch. It has us all like:

Having to remember how the love of her life dying AGAIN was absolutely gut wrenching to think about. The screams were piercing through my ears.

A+ acting goes to you Ms. Lindsey Morgan.

Can't wait for the next episode, but until then, just wanted to give a little appreciation to these scene stealers that are Bellamy Blake and Raven Reyes played by these great actors.


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