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Warning: if you have a Walking Dead spoiler allergy, turn around and walk away!

Unless you've been living in a bomb shelter, you probably already know that Negan and his baby Lucille have arrived on The Walking Dead. And knowing that, you pretty much know who gets whacked in the comics and subsequently met their grisly end on the show. As for who that was, well, we'll have to wait a few months to find out.

But are you aware of all the gnarly crap that Negan has pulled in the comics, other than turning Glenn's head to mush? Some of it honestly puts that scene to shame.

Turn back now if guts and gore (even if it is just comics guts and gore) make you woozy!

1. Let's Start Off With The Obvious

This is the big one. This is where Negan officially announces his presence to Rick and the group. And, this is where the last six seasons are officially summed up by this one meme:

Courtesy of Movie Pilot Horror on Facebook.
Courtesy of Movie Pilot Horror on Facebook.

Negan will have some trouble topping that, but he really does get an A for effort.

2. He's A (Multiple) Ladies' Man

The dude has many wives!

'Nuff said about that.

3. He's All For Ironing Out His Troubles

Like I said, in the comics — and maybe the show (not sure about that yet) — Negan has quite a few wives. Amber (one of his many) was previously with Mark, one of the Saviors. She foolishly cheats on Negan with Mark, and Negan finds out. He gives her a choice: Either go back to Mark and resume the life she had before joining Negan's harem, or stay with Negan and let Mark get the iron.

After Mark passes out from his punishment, the comic shows Dwight and Sherry's face:

Meaning that this has happened before. Obviously Dwight has already received his punishment in the show, meaning Negan most likely made an example out of him for leaving camp with Sherry.

4. Nobody Makes Carl Grimes Cry His Own Tears

In the same issue as, ahem, marking Mark, Negan catches Carl after the little dude guns down a half dozen or so of his men, and has a little chat with him. Negan makes Carl take off his eye patch to reveal his gruesome injury. And he actually makes Carl cry! It's not like Carl hasn't cried before, but Negan's words and his subsequent weird-as-hell apology make this one seriously f**ked up situation.

Then, he makes Carl sing him a song — “You Are My Sunshine.”


5. Spencer Has No Guts — Or Does He?

In Issue 111, Spencer wants to take Rick's spot as leader of Alexandria, so he approaches Negan about it. Negan then does something horrific, yet at the same time something every fan wanted him to do — he calls Spencer gutless:

Then he guts him:

6. He Upgrades Lucille

As if a barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat wasn't badass enough, Negan thought it needed an upgrade:

Nobody's still 100 percent sure if getting walker guts or blood inside a cut can turn you, even after seeing Rick's hand get gashed once on the show and the times the survivors have been splattered in the face with walker blood. But getting smashed in the face with that nasty bat? Naaaasty.

7. He Does This To Rick Constantly

Or at least until Rick slashes his throat and takes him prisoner. But until then, Negan constantly says crazy shIt like this to Rick — taunting him and degrading him in front of everyone.

I personally cannot WAIT to see what the TV version of Negan is gonna be like!

What's your favorite Negan moment?


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