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Fans of The Walking Dead will be well aware that the show has had its fair share of cameos. Since it began in 2010 we've been treated to many cameos that we may or may not have noticed, depending on the level of makeup. And this week Greg Nicotero revealed one more.

You'd be hard-pressed not to remember the amazing "Red Rover" walkers in the season finale. With chains literally threaded through the skin of some walkers, these little nasties provided an impressive barrier for Rick and the gang to get through. However, hidden at the very end of this walker chain gang was a celebrity sibling! Speaking to Moviefone, Nicotero divulged:

"Ashton Kutcher's sister [Tausha Kutcher Kordisch] was a zombie in the scene where we had the Red Rover walkers."

Amazing, right? Here's what Kutcher Kordisch looked like, all zombied up:

It was a little difficult to spot her in that scene, but she was actually the last walker in the chain. Check her out below:

Kutcher Kordisch, "The Walking Dead" season finale.
Kutcher Kordisch, "The Walking Dead" season finale.

Aside from appearing in The Walking Dead, Kutcher Kordisch doesn't seem to have opted for a showbiz career like her brother Ashton, and when she isn't dressed as the living dead, she works as a merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel.

Ashton and Tausha with the whole Kutcher family.
Ashton and Tausha with the whole Kutcher family.

As interesting as this little nugget was, it wasn't the only thing that Nicotero revealed. The executive producer also told Moviefone that the walker who struggled with Carol was actually played by twins!

He explained:

"The walker that Carol fought near the dumpster, I hired two twins because we did the before and after. Because Carol grabs the hair and pulls it, stretches the face off. It was the two girls that play harp at the conventions, these two blonde girls."

That's right. Harp-playing identical twins Camille and Kennerly Kitt both played this walker. What better way to get a before-and-after shot than to use identical twins, right? That Nicotero, he's one smart cookie!

What was your favorite part of the season finale?

Source: Moviefone


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