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As The Who pointed out way back in 1971's "Won't Get Fooled Again," revolutions have a tendency to not change things quite as much as they promise to; "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss," and all that. Much the same has long been true of comic book publishers, with the industry's reluctance to risk sales tending to have made most reboots relatively superficial. Sure, origin stories may change, but for the most part, the heroes and villains we've known and loved for decades remain more or less the same. Meet the new Batman, same as the old Batman.

2011's New 52, however, changed all of that. Sure, DC may still have centered its output on the eminently marketable likes of Batman, Superman and the Justice League, but beyond that, pretty much everything changed. Now, whether or not that was a good thing very much depends on who you ask, but it certainly explains why, when DC recently announced that this summer's major event would be titled DC Rebirth, we all assumed that we'd be seeing another major paradigm shift in the DC universe.

As it turns out, though...

DC Rebirth Isn't Actually Set To Change All That Much At All

Indeed, not only is the publisher set to stick with the increasingly established New 52 universe — despite having reintroduced the Multiverse last year — but it seems that the majority of DC Rebirth's alterations to the status quo are going to be relatively superficial.

Which doesn't, of course, mean that they don't look awesome. In fact, as the newly revealed cover of the company's June Previews catalog reveals, the post-Rebirth DC Universe is looking pretty darned impressive:

It's just worth bearing in mind that for the most part, what we'll be seeing change during the event will mostly involve costume alterations and the renumbering of DC's titles (starting fresh with Issue 1), as well as the cancellation of some poorly performing (fan-favorite) titles. It seems to be time to say goodbye to Grayson, Black Canary and Midnighter, for instance, even if we did love them.

The only giant, hulking exception to all of that? Well, that'd be Superman. Y'see...

(...and at this point things start to get a little SPOILER-ific, so click below to read on...)

It seems that the New 52 Superman is dying and will be replaced not only by the original, pre-New 52 Superman, but a whole host of other "Supermen."

Which, yes, is going to be super weird — and potentially awesome.

Other than that, though — assuming that the folks at DC don't have a whole lot of surprises lined up for us — things look set to remain relatively unchanged from what we've become accustomed to over the past few years. Which, just like the New 52 itself, is sure to be completely divisive, but no less loved for it.

What do you think, though?


Is DC Rebirth going to change way more than it seems?

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