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One of the most unusual historical trends within comic-book-dom has been the tendency for Marvel and DC - the 'big two' - to periodically decide to stage a crossover event between their respective pantheons of superheroes. The pair are, after all, hugely protective of their brand assets, and yet have, on occasion, decided to throw caution to the wind and mash the likes of Batman and Wolverine together like Play-Doh.

Now, the most famous of those events took place back in 1996, with DC vs. Marvel, an all out crossover event culminating in the two universe's becoming combined together (an experiment briefly explored further in the jointly owned 'Amalgam' imprint)...

...but there have been other major crossovers, including one between the X-Men and the Teen Titans back in the 1980s, and the more recent battling of The Avengers and the Justice League in 2003's JLA/Avengers.

In the greater scheme of things, though, Marvel and DC haven't actually spent all that much time exploring the potential of their character's crossing over - largely as a result of the relative financial security of both companies in recent years (the crossover events have largely been a product of one or both publishers needing the money).

Which makes it all the more fortunate that one intrepid fan artist - Ross Pearsall - has been keeping the implausible crossover dream alive over at Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues, a collection of entirely unofficial comic-book covers, detailing the crossover events that could have been...but definitely never were.

There's enough material over on Pearsall's site to keep the average comic-book fan entertained for hours, but in case you've only got a few minutes before your boss or teacher wonders why you're laughing with glee, here are ten of my personal favorites.

First up?

10. Superman vs...Hawkeye and Mockingbird?

In which there is no way in which this goes well for Hawkeye.

9. Wonder Woman Just Really Made The X-Men Mad

In which Kitty Pryde will presumably discover her Amazonian roots, and millions of comic-book fans will fall even more deeply in love with her.

8. It Turns Out Captain Marvel and Supergirl are Twins

Carol Danvers, meet Linda Danvers...your twin sister. Dum Dum Dum.

7. Batgirl Has a Great (Green) Lawyer

Though wouldn't She-Hulk have to re-qualify for the bar in the DC universe?

6. Captain America Moves Beyond Civil War To Something Even Bigger

Namely leading the entire DC universe in an all out assault on Marvel...

5. Spider-Man Really Doesn't Want To Join The Green Lantern Corps

Which makes less sense the more you think about how cool the green Spider-Suit would be.

4. It Turns Out That Iceman and Robin are Related Too

Bobby Drake, meet your cousin Tim...

3. Wolverine Makes a Case For a 'Batman v Superman' Cameo

Which would have totally made up for the trailer giving the rest of the plot away.

2. The Beast and The Flash Make an Unlikely Duo

Which is clearly the exact sort of team-up the world needs more of.

And, finally?

1. Harley Quinn and Deadpool Team-Up At Last

And some people are likely to die horribly - and hilariously. Oh, casual quip-filled ultra-violence, old friend. How we've missed you.

Now, if that's not enough crossover team-up awesomeness for one day, you can always head over to Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues' Facebook page, where you can even subscribe (and then have such crossovers turn up on you feed every day...)

In the meantime, though...

What do YOU reckon?


Which side are you really on? Marvel...or DC?

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