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Well, Stars Hollow wannabe-residents, it looks like today is the day for Gilmore Girls news!

On the same day that Melissa McCarthy has confirmed she will in fact be appearing in the show's revival on Netflix, we've also learned that in her post-college years, Rory Gilmore has become a teacher! Take a look at the photo from the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly below:

Entertainment Weekly
Entertainment Weekly

While it hasn't been disclosed exactly what subject Rory is teaching, judging by the fact that "Jane Eyre" is being discussed on the board behind her, I'd say it's a fair guess to say English. Also, has anyone else noticed that the students appear to be wearing uniforms that look an awful lot like the ones that Rory wore in her Chilton days? Hmm, perhaps Ms Gilmore has ended up back at her old stomping ground?

Rory in her Chilton uniform
Rory in her Chilton uniform

What's really surprising about this newly released image though, is that Rory's career as a teacher is not exactly what the sparky young writer had envisaged for herself. Through the entire seven season run of the show, Rory always wanted to be a journalist, and as the series ended she actually left to be a reporter on Obama's campaign. So how exactly did Rory go from young reporter on the campaign trail, to teacher at her alma mater? Was Mitchum Huntzberger right this whole time and Rory truly didn't have what it took? I have no idea, but I'm so excited to find out when Gilmore Girls: Seasons is eventually released on Netflix!

Will you be watching 'Gilmore Girls: Seasons'?

Source: Vulture via Entertainment Weekly


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