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'Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?'
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Whoever's idea it was to have a live rainstorm on stage as part of Justin Bieber's Purpose tour really should be saying sorry now. All the Biebs wanted was to get a little wet and wild, but things got a little too wild when he was performing in Kansas City on Wednesday night. What do I mean? He fell right on his ass is what I mean.

As he raced to hit the dance floor while singing 'Sorry', Bieber lost his footing and took a pretty dramatic tumble right in the front and center of the stage — but can you blame him? The entire platform was completely covered in water, for God's sake; if that's not a safety hazard, I don't know what is!

The moment he hits the ground, thousands of fans can be heard screaming out in horror but they had no reason to be concerned. Justin hopped right back up again and continued with his performance like a pro, although not before half of the audience had caught the slip on video. If you're just dying to see JB's mighty fall, fear not! The Beliebers got you covered from all angles.

Here you can see the fall from the left:

And here from the right:

And perhaps most brilliantly from the front row:

Bieber is far from the first celebrity to take a tumble on stage, shit happens, but what the incident has brought to light is the legitimacy of his vocal performance. Despite the epic slip and slide, the Biebs didn't miss a single beat and his singing sounded suspiciously spot-on. If he's not careful, he might need to say sorry for lip-syncing soon.

Do you think Justin's onstage rainstorm is a safety hazard?

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