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If you're the kind of person who's too busy doing real life things like making coin, paying taxes and deriding Donald Trump on the internet, you might imagine that a hit blockbuster like [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) is guaranteed to make an absolute truck-ton of dollar for a bunch of old white men somewhere.

As it happens, Forbes have just gone to the trouble of working out how much money Warner Bros. and DC will make from the superhero epic, and the results aren't quite as sunny as you'd probably expect.

Let's break it down.

"Is she with you?" "No, she's with Goldman Sachs"
"Is she with you?" "No, she's with Goldman Sachs"

As of Wednesday 6 April, Dawn of Justice had taken $720m globally. Box office has been extremely front loaded, and Forbes predicts that it will end up at around a neat $900m, which is shy of the $1bn originally projected, but clearly beats recent hits like Deadpool ($755m) and Spectre ($880m). In my non-expert opinion, it'll actually make a little more. So far, so good.

Being a Zack Snyder movie with a big-name ensemble cast and more CGI than you could shake a Transformer at, it goes without saying that the budget for this one was big: $250m, to be precise. Rumours suggest marketing spend came in at $165m, for an overall spend of $415m, which is frankly obscene and easily places Batman v Superman among the most expensive movies of all time.

Because theatres keep a large chunk of box office income, Warner Bros. will probably see around $400m of that $900m, just less than half. And $415m (spent) plus $400m (tickets) equates to a small loss of $15m. Note how I'm keeping the maths basic, for those who flunked class.

If this is all getting a bit yawn of justice, let's throw in a twist: Batman v Superman will rake in big bucks when the rights are sold to TV channels globally (est. $125m) and from video-on-demand sales (est. $240m). On the flip side, home entertainment costs and salary bonuses for the cast and director will amount to $220m.

Cut the sums! How much is this movie is going to make?

All said and done, Forbes think Dawn of Justice will make a profit of around $125m.

Which is a nice amount of money - certainly enough to fund a couple of nights out for Bruce Wayne - but not actually that much in terms of profitable blockbusters. For comparison, The Avengers: Age of Ultron made an estimated profit of $380m, Guardians of the Galaxy north of $200m, and The Winter Soldier $166m.

On the other hand, Ant-Man made $104m profit, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 stumbled with $70m, and DC's own Man of Steel returned just $43m. The best budget-to-profit margin belongs to Deadpool, which made an insane $360m profit from a tiny budget less than half ($58m) of every other movie in the above table.

You can check out the original Forbes article right here.

So, what have we learned today? That DC have made a good amount of money, but not enough to be totally confident about Justice League; that Marvel have so far been much more profitable; that you or I will never have $104m in our bank accounts; and finally that, in a roundabout way, it's probably all Ben Affleck's fault.

How much money did YOU make last year???


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