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Before I write this I have a serious confession to make: I have not actually seen any of the 6th season of TWD so therefore I will fully expect some Lucille wielding criticism. Also, I know that the internet is a harsh world for people who can't use grammar properly. If you are expecting me to be one of those people then you will be disappointed. Other words please don't get on my case. It's just not cool. Not cool at all. Anyway here goes :

I kinda get why everyone is feeling let down over the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead. It had been built up for months as the most gut wrenching, tense, sickening and heartbreaking episode to date. There were reports of Andrew Lincoln punching the wall after reading the script. Lauren Cohan being uncomfortable after filming the final scenes. Jeffrey Dean Morgan claiming he is expecting hate mail. Fans we're ready for the finale entitled "last day on earth" . Fans we're ready to see who would get the "honour" of getting some up close and personal time with Lucille. Now like I said at the top I have not seen this season of the walking dead so I had resigned myself to waiting for the DVD release in August but after reading several posts in Facebook from friends I couldn't wait any longer. The urge to go on YouTube and see what they type was concerning the last 15 minutes was just too much. I had to give in and I must say the hype was justified. Without seeing the full episode I can go ahead and hazard a guess that it is probably the most intense episode (at least in my opinion) since killer within. The eerie whistling sounds and the look of terror and fear on Rick Grimes face when he realises that he has been under estimating the s aviours all the long was something to behold. Then it was time to meet the "man". The man that people have been fervently waiting for since the walking dead came exploding into our lives in full, wonderful zombie guts exploding, glorious technicolour. That man off course was Negan. I must say Jeffrey Dean Morgan did an excellent job of portraying this character. Obviously it's too early to tell how for me will be but if this is an indicator then he will make The Governor look like Mr Rogers. Anyway; Negan began to go through a diatribe about how this is the new world order and that the saviours can just take what they want. He proceeded to demand half of what the group has and said that as punishment for killing his men or as so eloquently puts it "when I sent my people to kill your people for killing my people you killed more off my people" he was going to beat the "holy hell" out of one the survivors. Seriously this man is a true wordsmith. Anyway this was one time where Sheriff Ricks negotiating tactics was not gonna work. There was gonna be no Carol Rambo to save the group this time. Heck they couldn't even count on Eugene to do his fire hose trick and obliterate the entire saviours ( how many of them of them was there by the way?) Because Eugene was one of the unlucky ones. So the tension was unbearable. We knew it was all coming down to someone getting a good head bashing courtesy of the awesome Lucille. Then when Negan did his infamous eeny, meeny, miney, mo and the bat landed on the unlucky victim it was time for the moment we had all , somewhat apprehensively, been waiting for. After a word of warning from Negan telling his people that if anyone moves then to cut out Carl's one good eye and feed it to his father ( effectively ruling out Carl and Rick as the recipient's) he proceeds to bring the bat down in all its skull crunching glory. So far so brutally good. However there was one small, slight snag that I understand have upset a few people and that was we never actually got to see who the victim was. Since Sunday I have read countless fan theories on where Negan was postioned where the bat came down on the person's head. Hell there is even audio proof doing the rounds that provides "concrete evidence " that it is Glenn. Maybe, maybe not. But perhaps the most absurd of all is the fans threatening to boycott the show and demanding that the producers be removed and the big reveal be shown by May. I think that is just sad. I mean it wasn't as frustrating as The Sopranos blackout finale now was it?. We will get the big reveal in October. Why can't people just enjoy what is going to come. By all means be mad. Threaten to boycott the show because we all know you will be back. Anyway, in my personal opinion I don't think the final scene of this episode was about who Negan kills. It was about the complete breakdown of Rick Grimes. How he has come full circle from a man at the beginning who was a naive optimist, to a ruthless, brutal leader who would do anything to keep his group save from danger to a man being brought to his knees and being forced to watch on helplessly as one of his own is being bludgeoned to a brutal death. I sure hope Negan kept some for the walkers. Like I said I get why people are upset. I get why they want answers now. All I would say is this: Stop this nonsense about not watching the show again. Stop overreacting. It will be October soon enough.

P.S: again I apologise if some of this does not make sense and if it veers a little bit too much. I'm a first timer at this. Go easy.

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