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Veteran treasure hunter Lara Croft, made famous by the excellent video game series Tomb Raider, has remained a pop culture icon after her first digital incarnation appeared on screens way back in 1996. Her trademark look has since been emulated by countless cosplayers, but never quite like this...

Lara Croft is often celebrated as a strong female role model in an industry desperately lacking them, but cosplayer Isaac Cabrera - performing under the inspired pseudonym Tom Braider - sees her differently. As he told IGN:

Sometimes I will get comments such as 'Lara Croft is a role mode for girls, not guys,' and it's nice to prove them wrong for myself, as she is such an inspiration to me. Croft is a state of mind, not necessarily a body type.

Cabrera continues:

I couldn't decide how I wanted to embody the spirit of my favorite character of all time. I wanted to do her justice.

If you take a look at the rest of Cabera's cosplay snaps below you'll quickly see that he has most certainly done her justice. But more importantly, in the process of crafting his gender bending look, Cabera has connected with hundreds of peers, fans and fellow cosplayers:

My favorite thing about being a cosplayer is knowing that there are people out there that can really understand and relate to my interests. It's one of the best ways to meet friends, make connections and celebrate the culture in which we are a part of. The Tomb Raider cosplay community is incredibly encouraging, friendly and like family to me. I am so happy to contribute and be a part of it.

All photographs are the work of Tyler Preece and Robert Meares - be sure to check out the rest of their portfolios.

You can find more from Isaac Cabrera on his Facebook page.

[Via: IGN]


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