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Post-nuclear Boston is becoming the perfect setting for many beloved pop culture franchises. We've seen Spidey sling his way into Captain America: Civil War, and even Matt Murdock instil fear into raiders as Daredevil.

Spidey dons Captain America's iconic shield
Spidey dons Captain America's iconic shield

I always had the feeling the apocalyptic setting of The Walking Dead was the perfect accompaniment to the wastes in Fallout 4. It begs for a zombie apocalypse spin off, or at least a mod filling the world with men and women hungry for human meat. Not to be confused with Dogmeat. To fill the void until that (hopefully!) happens I remade the whole first Trailer to The Walking Dead in Fallout 4. It gives you a chance to see some mods in action, but also brush up on the very start of The Walking Dead: Rick getting shot, waking up in the hospital, searching for Lori and Carl, 'killing' Walkers. You can even use it to help forget your blues following The Walking Dead Season 6 finale.

You can see the video here:

It is made all the more terrifying as the 'Ghouls' that roam the wastes are used as Walkers. Filming with these guys is daunting work, you never get quite used to their deliberate movements and sudden lunges towards the camera!

It's been a while since the original trailer came out so for those who want to compare this to the original you can go here to see the Trailer to the first series of The Walking Dead:

All of these Fallout 4 recreations are made possible due to the huge modding community Fallout 4 has collected. You see modding the game is surprisingly easy to do thanks to the unique way Fallout 4 lays out its texture files. Simple mods you can be made just by designing what you want in the game then putting it in the game files. It's awesome.

If you want to give this a go and you have a PC yourself you can log onto Nexus Mods and download some mods yourself, I would highly recommend it as a simple way to spruce up your game.

I hope you enjoyed my recreation! Please let me know what you thought in the comments below, or just in the comments section of the YouTube video!


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